N-power: 5 Things Beneficiaries Should Expect in the Month of May

N-power: 5 Things Beneficiaries Should Expect in the Month of May: The month of May is a promising month; it holds great tidings and expectations to beneficiaries of the npower program, despite covid-19 pandemic, the month of May would see drastic reduction of the pandemic

There are five (5) things beneficiaries should look up to in the month May. However, some may not materialized immediately, but in the nearest future, may put smile in the faces of all beneficiaries

Payment of April Stipend

Payment of April’s Stipend will commence in the Month of May (Early May), the Federal Government has made concerted effort in making sure all salaries and stipend of workers are paid immediately without delay

Though the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq told beneficiaries of the programme to expect delay in payment each month, she has been cautioned against that statement by the presidency

To this end, the president has given directive for prompt payment of salaries and other benefits to her workers.

May-Eve of Batch A’s Exit


By June, Batch A would have been moved into what the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq called Permanency.

The month of May might see a lot of talks on Npower permanency in both the Executive and Legislators. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Law-makers were not able to seat and deliberate on Npower permanency Move

Before now, there are many law-makers in support of the bill to permanent volunteers, May promised to fulfill this break-through  

The move for permanency of n-power volunteers will come into lime light, the matter will be discussed at the various houses, and our fate clearly lies with the outcome of this discussion.


Many of our senators and house of reps members representing us may not be aware of the situation at hand; it is our duty to remind them, we call on all beneficiaries to follow on, you can contact your reps and senator for total support of permanency of beneficiaries

Since we cannot walk to the Senate or House of Reps to decide our fate, we can only pray and hope, as the matter is behold our strength

A member of the Red chamber once raised the matter of permanency at the floor of the 9th senate, and not few weeks ago, a rep member did same in the house of representative.  Both houses welcomed the idea with a promise to look at the issue holistically.

Wole Diya- Member Federal House of Representatives calls for permanency and Senator Lawal yahaya gumau Backed npower permanency bill

Wole Diya, representing Shomolu federal constituency in the Federal House of Representatives calls for permanency of all npower volunteers.

Wole Diya who is agitating for permanency of all beneficiaries disclosed that, giving young mind a sense of belonging, is the best thing the federal government could do to tide the issue of insecurity bedeviling the nation.

Senator representing Bauchi south senatorial districts lawal yahaya gumau speaks on npower permanency bill, he is proposing for the adoption and creation of agency for National Social Investment Programme (NSIP

Being the chairperson, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, he suggested the absorption of all npower beneficiaries, in all categories into the civil service to curb the rising unemployment crisis in the country.

What we fail to do as volunteers is to boast the moral of these senators and reps, by actively showing them how serious and concerned we are with this issue, whatever happened, will determine our fate

N-power: 5 Things Beneficiaries Should Expect in the Month of May

N-power Device Selection- No Hope Yet

The programme promised devices as working tools for beneficiaries, but these devices have not reached the hands of beneficiaries, especially Batch B beneficiaries

Some Batch A beneficiaries have not received their also, the matter  had since been tabled for discussion long after Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development assumed office

In the Month of May, beneficiaries might not hear any news on devices, which does not mean, we would be denied devices. In the nearest future, tides might turn to our favour

However, see reasons why things might turn urgly https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-devices-10-solid-facts-volunteers-would-be-denied-devices

Delay in Resumption in PPA

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, there is likely going to be delay in resumption in all  ppa nationwide, some states have been shut down totally, others partially. What this means, is that, resumption will be delayed

While some states and ppa will remain closed throughout the month of May, others will see partial opening up, all beneficiaries are to remain vigilant. The Federal and states government will communicate to us, when the time for resumption is due.

Registration of New Beneficiaries not Possible this Month

The month of May might not come easy for new entrant, many potential beneficiaries had hoped to be recruited into the programme this month, but due to the challenging situation we found out self, there is little to no chance to open the portal

Apparently, the Federal Government has promised to increase the numerical strength of beneficiaries, the pandemic and low oil revenue may hamper it from materializing any time soon

As we speak, oil is sold less than 25 US dollar per barrel, and the 2020 budget is on a bench mark of $60/Barrel.

What this means, is that, there is no money at the moment to finance huge recurrent expenditures. If care is not taken, we may ditch into a global recession. A sad reality ready to strike


  1. Please issues of our backlogs 2016 batch a some have 17 months backlog stipend please we call for assistance on this issues . the npower is one of the biggest empowerment in Nigeria if our representative can looking into it and give us permanent job is a very welcome idear it reduces in security challenge in this country God bless PMB God bless VP God bless Ahmed lawal God bless gbajabiamila God bless all our representative God bless our minister Umar farouk God bless federal republic of Nigeria

  2. May Almighty God bless our President Muhammad Buhari and help him to lead us well in Good health and more Happiness Ameen may Almighty God blessed all the brain behind this n-power and our hope for pamenency may He hear our Cries and remove this pandemics from us Ameen


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