Npower Devices:  10 Solid Facts, Volunteers Would be Denied Devices

Npower Devices:  10 Solid Facts, Volunteers Would be Denied Devices: History has become legend and legend has become myth for batch B volunteers of the biggest Social investment Programme (SIP) in Africa. For close to two years, the anticipated and much talked-about devices is likened to the story “of the second coming of JESUS Christ”. Also See

The much-promised Devices to Npower Volunteers might be ferry tale to Batch B volunteers, after almost two years of service, no words, no action, not even sign from concerned authorities on the issue

The Buhari led government promised Devices as part of working tools to aid volunteers in different categories and sections of the Npower programme. Only a handful of batch A benefited from this gesture. See

More than 400,000 volunteers are yet to collect their devices, and the matter lingers with no words or communication from the National Social Investment office. The Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq is yet to address the matter

Was it perversity Umar Sadiya Farouq longed to address the anticipated devices issues? What hopes now lies in secrecy of these devices? How long should volunteers wait?

We will unlock some facts and happenings that show, Batch B volunteers might be denied their promised-IPAD

A Handful of Initiators of the Npower Programme are no Longer in Control

The likes of Pastor Afolabi Imolukwe, Mariam Uwais who started the Npower programme alongside the Vice president, are no longer in control of the programme, it was the idea of Uwais and Afolabi that made the programme a success at the initial stage. Within a year of Batch, A entrance, Devices of defferent types and brands were contracted given to volunteers. Making it easy to capture volunteers’ data. See

Madam Uwais was the women behind the scene who made it possible for a handful of batch A get their working tools (Devices). She was letter moved to the office of the presidency for reasons not mentioned

Since the arrival of the minister of the Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Mr. Afolabi Imolukwe has lost control as a pioneer of Npower, volunteers are left at the mercy of Sadiya Umar, who is still “studying the File on Npower” perhaps, to know its authenticity .

No Communication from the Minister on Devices

Pastor Afolabi Imolukwe, the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Job Creation had in the past. Made it a culture to appear before volunteers and address any irregularities confronting the programme.

Afolabi had made more than 20 live Facebook Media chats with Volunteers in 2019, shortly before the arrival of the Minister of Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, who is now the head of NSIP. Many issues had been solved using this medium.


Batch A and B would get the opportunity to get firsthand information about devices and matter relating to Npower. But the reverse is the case now. No words, not a “sigh of hope nor dangle in the pipe”. A sad reality volunteers are forced to stay with

Misappropriation and Diversion of Fund

The npower volunteers only woke-up to see fund meant for payment of stipend diverted for another course, a worrisome development that has put fears in the heart of all volunteers. The Minister in charge is yet to make comment to the allegation by sahara reporter. See link

If fund meant for payment of Stipend is misappropriated and diverted, what hope lies on funds meant for the procurement of devices if any?

No Money Budgeted for Npower Devices in NSIP National Budget plan

A glimpse into the 2020 Budget of National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), which was later slashed by half due to low oil revenue and the Covid-19 pandemic, shows no evidence and plans to procure Devices for Npower volunteers.

It could be recalled, batch A devices was captured in 2017 NSIP budget, and in the wee months of the said year, contract was given to procure devices, Bank of Industry (BOI) spear headed the whole move. And A large numbers of Batch A volunteers got theirs, with the hope batch B will follow suit.

Volunteers might be denied their devices, this is because, it has not been captured in the 2020 budget, knowing fully well their stay in the programme will expire in few months’ time

Devices is Not an Obligation but a Privilege (Gift)

Mr Afolabi once said, the Devices clamored for is Not an Obligation to volunteers but a Gift from the president, all materials needed by volunteers to deliver in their place of primary assignment must be studied in NPVN portal.

Meaning that, no one owes volunteers devices. Npower cannot be sued or taken to any authority. The devices are a gift from the heart of the government. When the economy was healthy and booming, the Federal Government made commitment to provide devices to Batch A.

This gesture might not be done to batch B and Subsequent batches. Volunteers should not feel discriminated or “unfortunate”



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