A walk in to the streets, and around the corners of our houses, drainages, parks, will expose you a little to the damaged done, to the environment. The ideas of our time, is not healthy for the environment.

Industrial waste, used Cans and Tins, Sachet Water Bags, and other deadly wastes all littered recklessly, on the ground. A sad reality, the society is yet to address. A leading cause of death not talked about.

Large plastic wastes are dumped in forest, water bodies and strategic location. These plastics don’t decompose. Making it hard for forest and farm lands to recuperate    

A pollution taking a toll on our health, if not managed within a short time, we may not end up spending more, on health related challenges. A situation, no one is ready to afford.

Industrial and domestic wastes are commonly found on the streets, markets, drainage and other sensitive parts of town, the government has failed to address this.

No proper legislation to punish offenders and sanction companies

Waste Management in Africa

In many countries across Africa, waste poorly managed. Poor funding of the waste management sector, contribute to the escalating situation.

Our health depend on our environment, when the environment is dirty and unkept, the retaliatory effect, bounce on us. The society becomes sick and lives cut short.


A visit to any hospital in sub-Sahara Africa shows that, four out of ten cases are related to environmental hazards.

Malaria and typhoid fever, a leading cause of death, had killed hundreds of thousands and still counting, due to poor management of the environment.

In Eastern and Central parts of the continent, the story is the same, waste are thrown in water bodies, forest areas, and drainage. There is no proper disposal or waste management plan.

Most African cities are not dirt-free. Even the skies are safe from emission, leading to climate change.


Why should we make our Environment Habitable for our Very Existence?

Apparently, many see no use of making the environment clean, perhaps, no monetary benefit is attached. But the fact is that, we spend more in hospital than we think.

  • The Environment is our Natural Habitat: A man who destroys his home, have nowhere to live, would you destroy your home and stay in another man’s house?
  • Or would you keep your home dirty and unkept and still live inside? Certainly No. Since we have no other planet to live in. We may be harming ourselves indirectly, if we do otherwise.
  • Prevention of Diseases: keeping your environment clean, is not just hygienic, it prevent disease outbreak. In recent times, Africa had suffered from deferent epidemics. Mosquitoes spreading Malaria .
  • Food Security: The environment produces the food we consume. If we litter our forest and farm lands with industrial and plastics waste. We may end up having food crisis.
  • We protect the environment for continued agricultural activities.
  • Fresh Air and Clean water:  Fresh air and breath with clean water bodies, is only possible through clean environment. Water purity devoured of  industrial waste is a sure way maintaining water safe
  • Going Green: The ability of the environment to maintain its green nature is very much possible through clean environment. Proper waste management and reduction of carbon emission brings the green nature of our planet.

Guideline to Maintain Clean Environment

  • Legislation: More laws should be enacted in protecting the environment, it must be strict enough to maintain, sustain and protect the environment.    
  • Strict Enforcement of Environmental Laws: Laws made must be strictly, enforced by law enforcement Agency; strict penalty should be meted on defaulters.  
  • Proper Waste Management: There proper funding of the local Waste Management Agency for effective and efficient service delivery.