The year is gradually coming to an end, hamattan wind is blowing already. Cool dry air is dropping with snow, harvests from the farm are piling up. The atmospheric condition now glitters with sun shines. The spirit of Christmas is here.

This period comes once in a year and season, occupied by various activities. Businesses explodes in profit, there are sharp rise in the prices of goods and services. Every family are on the race of getting ready, for celebration that comes but ones.

The season of Christmas comes with travelling. Perhaps, it is occasioned by holidays. People from far and near want to be with their loved once. Just like the proverbial snake that hardly keep its head one side, movement from one place to another intensified.

Roads becomes very busy. Airports experience heavy influx of people, Sea ports and Railway stations becomes like a market square. A lots of happens. Road users triple their profits and investments over night.

Night journey by motorists is more common this season. Competitions between privates and public transport companies hits all-time high. Travelers are at the mercy of road users. Compliance to road safety standards are waste of time to road users.

In motor parks, lorries and buses are overloaded to theirs brims with heavy baggage. Travelers show little concern to their safety. The risk of killed on the road by these ‘’reckless nonchalant, carefree attitudes” never bordered travelers.

Maximizing Safety This Christmas

Safety starts with you. Festive season like Christmas comes with burdens, Risk and Uncertainties. To be at the safest side. Plan how to use your time, plan how to minimize risks and uncertainties. Because, there are many more Christmas that will come, but not all will witness it.

Before December 25th reaches, you must have concluded the destination you would be. Your destination is the first point of call. Carefully start planning:

  • The amount of money you would need for your journey
  • The means of transport to be boarded.
  • The pick hours in the means of transport chosen
  • How to overtake rush hours, when occasion demands for it
  • The quantities of luggage to be taken

Planning for the aforementioned and following them strictly, will give you a picture of what to expect.

Using Your Personal Car to Travel

Apparently, using the roads during Christmas season calls for sufficient safety. If you are using your personal car:

  • Try employ a driver to take you home, that is, if you distance away from home.
  • Your vehicle should carry all the necessary documents to prevent harassment or delay from officers of road safety.
  • Your vehicle should be thoroughly checked by motor mechanic, if the journey is far
  • Know they proper place to refuel your vehicle.
  • Know the roads as well.
  • Never stop in bushy area of the road, you must see law enforcement officers close before packing for any reasons.
  • Your food to eat in the course of the journey is paramount. Prepare for it.

Using your personal or private car will not just give you the comfort and satisfaction you need but will reduce time wastage and any negative occurrences. But not all could afford this.

Using Public Vehicle from Motor Parks

This medium calls for maximum safety and caution.

  • Choose a company registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission
  • Check if the company had any insurance policy
  • Check their safety standards and public perceptions about them
  • Personally check the mental health of the driver
  • Check the vehicle you are placed, if you are not satisfied, raise an alarm or change your vehicle
  • Your seating position in the vehicle matters a lot.
  • Prepare for your journey, never eat anything that will cause running stomach, the driver or passengers might not be patient with you.
  • Never your carry only transport fare when using public transport. Keep double of it.
  • While on the road, passengers should talk less, so that driver can have maximum concentrations.

A good company with safety standard must have two drivers for long distance journey.

Using the Rail-Train this Christmas

The rail medium of transportation is taking a new shape. We now have standard gauge rail. Well inter-connected. Using the rail way is relatively cheaper and more goods be carried along.

  • It operates on schedules like airplane, book your ticket and keep to time
  • It is very slow; you may take days to reach your destination. Prepare yourself. You don’t have the opportunity to stop the train on track.
  • You might be bored in the cause of the journey, carry books or entertainment gadgets on your way.

Whichever means or medium of transportation used.  make safety your primary concern. Christmas and its seasons are best enjoyed when there is life. Your loved ones are waiting for you, make it a duty to reach them a life and unspoiled. And its starts with you. Also read


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