Exercise-a physical activity that involved twisting or shaking any part of the human body has proven to be the secret to long life and healthy living, not only will exercise prolong your life but will make one enjoys the body in a natural way.

In a study of conducted by Fitting Guide International in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, 22 persons from the ages of 21 to 35 years were involved in various forms physical exercises ranging from Jogging, Running, Stomach Crunch, Weight lifting, Dancing, Back and front stroke, Swimming etc., for one year and eight months.

This result shows an amazing transformation of these men and women. Not only were they looking much younger than their ages but shows signs of Weight reduction, Stress reduction, Flexibility (the ability to bend easily), Flat belly (some developed 6 packs), Sound rest and Beautiful sleep etc.

Exercise combined with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can protect the body and serve as defense against diseases, it is worthy to mention that, healthy foods (balanced diet) is a key to achieving a perfect body when combined with some forms exercises.


While it may not be necessary to do strenuous exercises to get the needed health benefits, simple exercises, when done continuously for months running into years and taken as an addict, may just be one of the 7th wonders of the world to your health.

In a world where people take pills, drugs, second rate ineffective products and other dangerous Herbal and chemical substances just to look good (slim fitted), many have developed Cancer, Heart Failure, Kidney Failure etc., others are already in their early grave.

 No pills, drugs, second rate ineffective products and other dangerous Herbal and chemical substances can serve as a match to EXERCISE in the business of looking good (slim fitted body), to this end, we discourage you from using harmful substance and engage yourself in one or two simple exercise(s) religiously for a long time and see the miracle that will follow.



In this article, we will see some 12 Health benefits of Exercise; these exercises can be done both at the comfort of your home and outdoor.

  • .Exercises prolong life: Simple exercises like Running, Jogging etc. when done continuously for a long period of time change or rejuvenate the body system, increase metabolism and energies the body with the necessary hormones, these hormones are forced to perform their functions and work the natural way.
  • Sound Sleep: As a result of stress from our businesses and work place, the body systems are stressed up, which if not managed effectively may lead to serious health complications. With simple exercises like  Jogging, Running, Jumping etc for like 45 to 60 minutes daily will relief your body of stress and give you that sound sleep and super rest.
  • Healthy Heart Beat: The heart which is the engine room of the body should always be working effectively without hitches; however, some people find it hard to breathe freely. Exercise like slow and continuous jogging with fruit like banana is perfect for the heart. You must consult your Doctor when having hearts related problem before embarking on exercises.\

Stay Healthy with Exercise

  • Normalizes Blood Pressure: A blood pressure is high when its pump above 170, but with regular simple exercises above as proven, blood pressure normalizes and becomes perfect.
  • Flat Belly and even (6 packs):  To get Flat and Sexy belly for females and six parks for Males, it is an error to take pills and drugs that may send you to your untimely death, exercises like Stomach Crunch, Front and Back stroke, Balanced Diet etc., are perfect recipe to achieving your dream stomach, the fact is that, it must be done continuously for a long time.
  • Flexibility:  The ability to bend easily, smart in walking and flexible in our daily life activities are all embedded in exercises.
  • It Gives the Body Shape and Beauty:  Exercise gives nice abs for females, sexy chest for males.
  • It Prevent Obesity: Regular exercise on a daily bases prevent over weight and sheds fact in all parts of the body, one can lose 5 to 10 pounds, for doing 45 to 60 minutes of exercise daily per week according to research.
  • Increase Digestion: Exercise increases body metabolism, by body metabolism we mean, the process by which foods taken into the body are broken down easily into smaller particles for easy absorption. Thereby, eliminating waste that may be stored as fat in the belly and other parts of the body. Also readhttps://myeduproject.com.ng/health-see-ten-10-reasons-why-your-environment-should-be-kept-clean
  • Fight Diseases: The Red and White Blood Cell (RBC &WBC) are strengthened not just by healthy foods alone but by exercise also. Exercise helps the body to release hormones or somebody defense to challenge diseases that want to penetrate the body.
  •  A pregnant woman who engages in some forms of simple exercises will not find it difficult in the labor room during child delivery.
  •  It is worthy to note that, exercise is good in all ramifications to our health as it promote our mental health, our mode of thinking, our intelligence and our psychological well-being.                      

If all men and women in the society could make it a habit on daily or weekly bases to exercise their body, we will not only save our money from hospital bills, but unnecessary deaths would be avoided. Pot belly would reduce and a healthy generation will be born.

A healthy society is one that encourages and educates her people on the need and benefits of exercise provide facilities that aid exercise, reserve a day every week for same purpose.