Our world is already at risk, the heat waves, excessive rainfall, drought and heavy bushfire, consuming large portion of virgin forest, are few instances indicating how unsafe we are.

Lately, the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, a virgin forest never used for agricultural activities, burns beyond our imagination. A forest that gives close to 30% of the oxygen we breathe, is going extinct.

The wide fire burning endlessly, in California and other parts of the US, the wide fire in Australia, Greece, and the hot weather in some Europe, shows that our earth is no more as it was.

In Africa and other parts of the world, we experience excessive rainfall or drought, the rate at which flood invade town and cities, had not been seen like before.

The rising of the ocean floor, brings fear to those living at close to large water bodies. Little have we replenished the earth’s beauty and free gift. Planting trees to replenish and reverse, climate change is at a slow gear.

Cutting Down Trees – An Unending Situation

A lots tree is cut down for farming and construction activities. As rural areas are modernize to cities. Plenty of construction activities are carried out, Trees pulled down, for houses to rise.   

This trend is common in Asia, China, India, Japan, Golf Countries, etc. as trees disappear, replacement is not done immediately, and there are no lands or space for same purpose.

In Africa, trees are cut-down as a source of fuel for cooking, large forest disappear, apparently, woods from trees are used as firewood by poor and middle class earners, A worrisome situation depleting forest resources at an alarming rate,

This trend is having a toll on our health, without our notice. When trees are cut-down, the environment suffers more.

Apparently, we are facing disastrous situation, as a result of cutting trees without replacing them.  The hurricane in East Africa saw how trees help in holding powerful winds, from pulling down house.

Benefits of Planting Trees

  • It produces Oxygen needed for our Survival:  We breathe in Oxygen, without it, we are dead. The source of this Oxygen is the trees. Cutting down these trees, is another way of saying, we don’t need oxygen. 
  • The indiscriminate cutting down of trees harm our very existence. Our health may be at risk, if we fail to get enough oxygen. All measure to secure this channel of oxygen must be protected, with all legislations.  
  • CO2 are produced from the green leaves of trees, under no circumstances, should we destroy our source of fresh breath.
  • It serves a Shield to the Direct Sun-Light: Not just the oxygen alone, but it shields the earth from the scoring heat of the sun. As we speak, the global temperature is changing, some parts of the earth, experience extreme heat. There are cases of people who died due to extreme temperature from the sun.
  • Extreme heat does not affect humans only, it kills the earth. Expose the soil. Kill plants and nutrient enshrined in it. But trees help to shield the earth, from direct Sun-light. By planting trees our source of food production, which we cannot do without.
  • In some places, trees serves as shades, where people relax, and the fresh air blow quietly. One doesn’t have to go luxurious places in search of shades.

More Benefit of Tree-Planting

  • Some Trees Provide Food and Medicine we may need: We may be on a part that leads to hunger, if we indiscriminately cut-down trees. Economical trees are advantage to our lives and Health.

First, to our lives, it provides Food and Income to satisfy our need. To our health, it serves as Medicine for various illnesses.  

  • Trees Form Afforestation:  Forest does not fall from above, it is formed. And trees formed forest. By planting trees, we are discouraging deforestation. Where forests exist, life is sustained. Both Humans and Animal recreate.
  • Afforestation helps the soil to retain her nutrients, provide space and shade for animals. Prevent soil erosion
  •  Wide-Life Conservation:  How does wide life conservation affect our health?  When deadly animals stay in the wild. No need to intrude in our villages to harm anyone.
  • Many innocent persons have lost their lives, due to incursion by wide animals. This situation is more common in the West and East Africa.