The Internet: The Future of 5G Network in the world

The World up to Speed

Linked by the internet, the world is now a global village. Ideas move at the speed of light.

Internet has successfully turned the tides around. Many businesses now operate online, using the internet as a platform to get in touch with customers and consumers.  Communication with customers using the internet technology is more easy and reliable, cheap and fast.

The Banking sector is one of the beneficiaries of the Internet, from the traditional banking system which had so many challenges to modern banking with fewer problems. Financial transactions take the speed of light to complete.

With the introduction of the 5G network, the world would soon experience an earth quake in General Service Delivery. The application of this in the Health sector will see total rejuvenation in medical technology.


The internet is aiding the development of smart cities; the West and Far East are at the speed of light in city advancement. All thanks to the internet.

The application of internet in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a robust boost that will change the fortune of men in all direction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in in medical science, will perfect precision in surgeries, thus saving and prolonging lives.

Benevolent Tool for Fraud

The internet comes with a lot of problems; most of these problems are man-made.

In financial Institution, the amount of fraud using the internet is unspeakable. Billions of dollars is lost yearly to fraudsters. Internet gangsters are using the platform to corner wealth for themselves.


Many transactions are diverted, Accounts duplicated, Banking or Transaction Codes broken. Many are victims of internet fraudsters, large sums of money debited from their account without their permission.

Government secretes are tempered with, key infrastructure like the Nuclear power plant, have witnessed hacking from terroris organisations using the internet.

The internet is likened to Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD); it can pull down strong holds if not checked. In recent times, the US department of State claims the F-35 fighter Jet technology built-up program was hacked, sensitive data stolen. However, no evidence was shown to the public.

US election in 2016, which saw Donald Trump elected as president, was said to be allegedly hacked by the Russians. Investigation is still on.

Computer Virus is spread using the internet, organizations is still infected with malicious programs. Billions are spent to protect websites and information.

The coming of 5G may worsen situations, increase hacking, breaking into government and private sites would be more visible.

While it is impossible to tackle internet Fraud completely, effective and efficient strategies were developed to minimize and mitigate its effects. Defensive approaches were developed to counter most of these threats

Social Media Vulnerable to Hate Speech

The level of awareness is on the rise, hate speech is now common among all ages. The internet is aiding dissemination of formation at an alarming rate. People use this medium to spread propagandas, fake news, tensions and hatred.

 In Hong Kong China, the anti-government protest is heavily supported by Social Media. So many unfounded stories and hate comment dished out. The Special Administrative Region’s government is finding it hard to contain the situation. The city is might be heading to doom.

Al asad government of Syria suffered similar fate; the country is ruined, and reduced to rubble. Hundreds of thousands killed, as a result of hate speech and fake news.

China, India, Venezuela, Egypt, USA, Nigeria and many other nations have experienced worst crimes coming from hate and unguided speech via the social media.

Some countries are monitoring and sanctioning hate speech on social medium and the internet. Perpetrators caught are dealt with. This singular act has mitigated and limited internet access to a sizable numbers of persons.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app are the noticeable platforms where hate speech is more pronounced. With the crackdown in some countries on users, fear of intimidation by security personnel, might limit internet access.

5G network might overblow the potency of hate speech. Platforms owners should be on the guide and curtail hate speech, if Internet with 5G was to be successful and enjoyed.

Half of the World Lacks Internet Access

In Africa, more than 75% have no access to Internet.  More than 50% of the world populations have no access to the internet. Most people lived in rural areas, majority of the rural areas of the world have not internet Access. The situation is worst in Africa and some parts of the world.

There are many parts of the world that is yet to benefit from the internet, most people don’t use or know the importance of the internet. Little do they know, most solutions are readily available in the Internet

Many till see the internet as a platform for fraud, some sane minds deliberately discourage the use of internet, perhaps; they suffered in the hands of internet fraudsters.

Imaging the world where 90% to 95% are internet literate, we will be faced with fewer challenges. This will bridge the gap.

Making the internet accessible to all is one of the agenda of the 5G network. However, internet Providers, government and the privates sector must harmonized strategies to deliver the internet to all.

The Human Factor:

Many Lack Computer Literacy

The 5G network will not work on Mobile phones alone; Computer literacy is key to accessing the full potential of these robust services to be unveiled.

Unfortunately, many lack computer skills. A research by an online publication submits that, more than 67% of the world had no Personal Computer.

There are those who know little to nothing on the use of computer gadget. Such mind set cannot utilize the opportunities available on the internet. The 5G network may fail in that aspect.

The application of technology cannot work on its own without the control of humans. Humans play a critical role in the implementation and delivery of the 5G network.

Computer literacy should be a priority of all society. Get young people at an early stage of life. More so, 90% of all we do should be online.


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