Volunteers’ Protests Reached Higher Authorities, Same Should be Applied for Permanency

  • The Repentant Sadiya Umar
  • More social media protest should be encouraged
  • We should sing out permanency like a song to higher authorities, Lawmakers
  • Fast and Pray, there is power in prayers, lets involve God in this

Who said peaceful protest don’t solved problems? The constant delay in paying Npower volunteers have ended, all thanks to volunteers who used all the media channels as a weapon to draw higher authorities to our plight

Suddenly, the month of May ended few hours ago, and volunteers started receiving Alerts within 10 hours. Perhaps, the hon. minister has repented. See

In what appeared to be tricks used to delay volunteers of their hard-earned stipends, the month of June is far different, volunteers were shocked as alerts for May hit their phones

 The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development Umar Sadiya Farouq promised to pay may stipends earlier, but volunteers took her words with a pinch of salt

She paid April stipends late but promised to be processing May stipends, and at last it came but least expected

More social media protests should be encouraged

there is power in the social media, it could draw the attention of government to the plight of volunteers, not just that, social media can correct the abnormalities perpetrated by heartless government officials


as the quest of permanency intensified, the only weapon available to us right now, is protests and agitation via social and digital media, volunteers should not expect easy way out

Breakthrough don’t come easy, it takes time, strength, wisdom etc, apparently, volunteers are now clever with wisdom. We should not wait and react to threats, rather being proactive is the way out

Permanency must come with the right mindset

Volunteers should not relent in their quest for permanency, the nation has the resource to keep you there and increase your pay two times. See

In a country where lawmakers receive over N30M monthly, she is capable to take care of the poor and vulnerable for life


The way and manner volunteers protest for stipends, such should be used for permanent appointment

Involving God in Project Permanency

There is nothing God cannot do, with him, all things are possible. Volunteers should seek the face of God in the quest for permanency. See

Ask, it shall be given unto you, seek, yea shall find and knock, the door will be opened unto you, the holy book said



  1. Sir, I have not received received my March, April and May stipends below is my details,Ebi Gabriel Okoh,N Teach, Batch B,npvn 064, ppa Nnodo Secondary School Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. Sir, I will be very grateful if my complain is attended to.thanks

    • Be patient and strong, we are fighting the same course, she promised to pay within 72hrs, massive revolts is on her Twitter page, worry not, your are not the only one. But hope you have sent your details to NPVN Ebi Gab Okoh?


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