The Future of Npower Without Mr. Afolabi-Tough Times Ahead.

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The Future of Npower Without Mr. Afolabi-Tough Times Ahead: Volunteers woke up to read a message dropped by the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Job creation, officially disclosing to volunteers of his “not in control” of the Npower programme, a shock that sparks the interest of  all volunteers

It all started when Professor Yemi Osibanjo, the vice president, made Mr. Afolabi the Caretaker and the cluster head of the Npower programme.

The programme went smooth and sound, batch A was professionally managed to a large extent, and the Government headed by Buhari saw that the programme is a success story of his government- Hence Batch B of 300,000 volunteers were onboarded


500,000 persons were being managed by the Mr. Afolabi and others, who developed love and passion for the programme

Mr Afolabi, one of the cluster heads of the programme, will no longer serve in the National Social Investment Programme, but will serve as an adviser to the president in job creation

No longer will he interfere with the affair of Npower except call to do so, a situation that might spell doom in idea formulation, creativity and innovation of new befitting polices needed in the programme

Mr. Omoulukwe Afolabi, a man of purpose and vision, enriched with leadership qualities and wisdom, position utilizing solid background in the management of Npower, meticulously design the non-graduate categories of the programme to suit the test of skillful youths


No More Facebook Live Chart

In recent times, there were constants communication and briefing of the npower volunteers via social and digital channels, volunteers never lag in information pertaining the programme

Mr Afolabi has made a total of 32 Facebook live charts with volunteers, sharing information live, all volunteers were carried along, little where they confusion and unanswered questions and challenges

It was more of “Boss and his Employees” in an organization, well loved and appreciated for timely response to problems affecting volunteers

Unfortunately, there will be no more Facebook chat of such any time soon. All volunteers will now hear via correspondence or through third party, giving rise to fake news

With his constant face book live chat, beneficiaries where at ease and kept in touch with  


No More Device for A Handful of Batch A and Entire Batch B

It was Mr Afolabi that championed Batch A getting the promised devices along side Mairam Uwais, but today, none of them are available on ground to do just that for other batches

There is no sign that batch B will get devices in the course of the programme, the Honorable Minister for humanitarian Affairs and disaster Management, the ministry managing the affairs of SIP, Npower programme has no interest whatsoever, and has never talked about devices in any of her speech

Making it more difficult to comprehend if devices will be selected and delivered to batch B         

N-build and N-creative Abandoned

Carefully formulated to bring the skillful talents out of the nongraduate category, the n-built and n-creative are not abandon projects, seeing as waste of money and logistic

The real aim of the npower programme is to create skills youths can bank on, which will turn to wealth generation avenue and employment creation at the long run

But these lucrative ideas were abandoned:

  • Many volunteers were not paid
  • Practical and logistic suspended
  • No trip to oversee as promised
  • No stimulus package attached

Delay in Stipend was Not this Bad-It Became Worst Under Sadiya

Beneficiaries’ Stipends were never delayed compared to the present Head of the Npower programme or the head of ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development

As we speak, some volunteers have not been paid for three consecutive months, an outrage not seen since the inception of the programme.

Mr. Afolabi Activated the Permanency Plan-Your vote is your destiny, use it wisely

Your vote is your destiny, use it wisely.  Volunteers could vividly remember this statement during the verge of the 2019 re-election bid of this current government of Mr. Buhari

Mr Afolabi raised the hopes of volunteers, the move for permanency was activated, volunteers became an element of vote-buying to score a cheap political point

But things seem loosed and out of gear, as volunteers threatened to be disengaged without permanency or exit plans

The government has used many national dailies to “test the waters”, if disengaging volunteers will spark unrest in the country  


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