NEXIT Portal Login 2020/2021: CBN Empowerment for Batch A Volunteers

See N-Exit Website Unveiled:

NEXIT Portal Login 2020/2021: CBN Empowerment for Batch A Volunteers: NEXIT Portal Login 2020/: Federal Government unveils N-exit portal login ( for volunteers.

The ministry for humanitarian affairs has launched a portal for N-Power volunteers to apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria empowerment 2020/2021 edition.

The federal government opened the portal exclusively for former N-Power volunteers which will be used to apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) empowerment option.

See NEXIT Email Activation: [email protected]/[email protected]

The Honorable Minister of Humanitarian affairs Sadiya Umar Farouq stressed that the NEXIT PORTAL-N-Exit Portal ( will determine the suitability of volunteers for the program.

A lot of N-Exit applicants have been asking a lot of questions about N-Exit package:


When will transition start?

When will N-Exit portal close?

Why is N-Exit portal not accepting yahoo mail?

Will loan be given directly by CBN?


In response to the above questions transition has already started in order to massively register applicants in order to provide the loans to the former N-power volunteers.

The N-Exit portal will has no specific date for closure as the registration may span throughout 2021.

This is a wrong notion as the N-Exit portal is accepting yahoo mail but is done in batches.

As for the loans they will be given by the CBN once registration and all the necessary process have been completed.   

The federal government, in a statement publicized the launch of the portal, explaining that the platform was created in partnership with the CBN.

See N-Exit Registration: 79,979 Registered/349,673 Access Logs-Failed Attempts

 CBN Empowerment Portal NEXIT for N-power Exited Volunteers 2020-2023

The NEXIT CBN Empowerment registration portal was developed and allowed N-Power volunteers to log in and register to the various economic, empowering, and startup options provided by CBN.

In her speech she stated and I quote;

“The Federal Government of Nigeria is very proud of the milestones you have achieved during your period of service to the nation”.

“As we prepare to exit into prospective endeavors, we are confident that you will be able to channel all you have learnt over the years into successful ventures that will improve the economy of the country and create further opportunities for you and other citizens”.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Farouq urged N-Power volunteers to log into the NEXIT portal login and provide the necessary information needed for possible positions to enter various CBN intervention options.

How to Register

To make a new registration please go to Sign Up here.

Enter the email address you used as an N-power volunteer.

Create and enter a new password for your registration access to the portal.

Repeat the same password to confirm it (please keep your passwords confidential).

Enter your first name as registered in your N-Power profile.

Enter your surname as registered in your N-Power profile.

Enter your BVN.

Agree to the terms and policy.

Submit your registration information with the submit button.

You will be redirected to an email activation page. Re-enter your email address and click on the Resend Activation Mail button.

Go to your email address and click on the link sent to your mail to activate your account (if needed please check your email spam box).

Re-login into the NEXIT portal with your credentials with the Sign in button.

Complete the questionnaire by answering all questions and make your submission.

Visit the NEXIT Portal at, Please check your registered email for notification.

For further enquiries or questions in regard to the registration, please contact the NSIP team: [email protected]

Important Notice:

See NExit Email Activation Is Done In Batches: Contact [email protected]

All exited NPOWER VOLUNTEERS are to use THE SAME EMAIL they used in registering for N-power and which is recorded on their N-power profile to register on the NEXIT PORTAL.

For those who cannot access that same email, reasons being that it has been blocked or suspended, endeavor to direct your enquiries to the support team email @[email protected]

All your questions will surely be answered.

A verification mail will come to you later or you will be directed on what next to do.

The data collated on the NEXIT portal is to determine the suitability of the exiting N-Power beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs and is dependent on meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN for the said programs.


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