NExit CBN Loan: Volunteers Go Spiritual, Seeking God Intervention

NExit CBN Loan: Volunteers Go Spiritual, Seeking God Intervention: Despite the countless numbers of protest embark upon, there seems to be little to no hope, some volunteers decide to take the matter to the almighty God, for what they called, “divine intervention” from above

Many volunteers of the n-power programme disengaged June and July 2020 have gone spiritual, seeking God intervention in the package the Federal government planned for them

There is wide fear that the Federal Government is playing ” a delay tactics” on the side of over 500,000 volunteers disengaged last year

Thousands for volunteers are observing “fasting and praying” never seen before, pleading with the almighty to rescue volunteers from returning to the street

Apparently, there are over 60 million unemployed youths in the country, offloading 500,000 thousand into the street will spell doom for the entire nation.


Iw as Drama when volunteers in The Living Faith aka winner chapel in at, Ogun state came out, tender her prayer request, and asked all to pray for God’s intervention on the Nexit programme


Living Faith Services held nationwide, today 28th of March 2021 saw thousands of prayer requests asking MEN OF GOD to join volunteers in prayer.

The Muslim Counter-pack ware not left out, most of them are observing fast and prayers regarding the subject matter

It was reported last year, a volunteer in Ibadan committed suicide over the disengagement news, thousands more were shocked and left betrayed by the government they once admired to fulfill their dream

They said with God all things are possible, so we are seeking spiritual intervention, a volunteer in Living Faith Church added


There is nothing God can not do, with man it is vanity, but with God all hope is not lost- Abuja volunteer

Volunteers generally in the country are calling for the government to rethink before taking action that could trigger unrest

the Government had promised to transitioned volunteers into entrepreneurship and private sector jobs after an assessment


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