Before a fiscal or financial year starts, a government carefully plans her budget, appropriating expenditures where necessary, implementing strategies that would make plans work. This is done to effectively and efficiently hit targets.

As a rational student, all decisions made must come from a plan. A laid down strategies, structures, must be well thought off, carefully arranged. With effective and efficient implementation, giving few chances for errors and mistakes. A person is said to be a successful planner.

With few months to end of the year, many good academic plans started earlier, failed to see the light of the day. Apparently, a student care freely implemented them. Without cross examinations, proper strategies and in some cases poor financial inclusion.

He that fails to plan, plans to fail, the saying goes. A new academic session must start with a plan. Before the world started in the book of Genesis. God carefully and wonderfully planned and executed the “creation plan”.  The heaven and the earth were parted. Waters separated from the skies. Light and darkness, sun and moon, winter and summer were given time to manifest.

Planning is never enough, proper implementation, and a successful execution must follow. It is not possible for all your plans to be a success, but more than 50% should scale through, if well thought off.

How to Develop Study Plan for The New Academic Session?

Quite a lot of students in the high institutions lag effective and efficient plans for the session, their plans for session are not dynamic, flexible and easy to follow through. Others never developed a plan, while others blindly walk through the session.

While some students might plan to come out with a CGPA of 4.5, others might plan for more. How to achieve this, depend on how it is planned and executed.

On an average, more than 50% of students have a Gross Point Average of less than 3.50, meaning majority of students are either Second Class lower or Third Class Students. This is not encouraging. The labor market could be frustrating for people of that class.


Some students are less concern, planning for the new session, inner agenda concerning their studies are not clearly established, it is important to bring out inner thoughts in practical realities.  Studies should be done with plans, proper and strict implementation of the plan should be adhered to.

Some Practical Steps to Develop A Study Plan

  • Identification of Need: Most students lack will power to identify need. Some want First Class, others want Second Class Upper degree and Second Class Lower degrees.  In each session and semester, you must identify the grade you want. A student who put his needs at each session, and thrive to maintain it, will eventually hit Second Class Upper Degree at the end. Identifying your need is a key to achieving them.
  • Generate and Screen Ideas: Ideas move at a speed of light. It evolves and multiplies. And turns out to that, less expected. As students, we must try to understand how to generate and screen ideas pertaining our studies. Develop and screen unwanted ideas which will not match your needs. Often times, we may say, will this study pertain work? Would studying three times a day workout for me? Is studying at night a good plan? Should I join group studies? It is paramount to work out modalities that best fits you and follow it religiously.

Some Practical Steps to Develop A Study Plan

  • Conduct Feasible Study: After screening your ideas and selecting the one that best fits in. Feasibly investigate if others have tried it. Perhaps, I feasibility frame work is just what you need as at students. What works for others, may not work out for you. Your study plans must pass this test.
  • Develop your Study Plans: Developing your study plans involves, putting strategies and structures to achieving your needs. Probably, studying at night often, is what you love. Think of all possible strategies to make it work. Make every effort to wake up at that point in time to study. If setting alarm would help? Do it. If using three types of text books for one course is suitable, do it. If meeting with course lecturers or your fellow students for one on one explanations will help, follow your instinct. 
  • Implement your Study plans: At this critical stage, practical putting your developed plans into action is needed. Test run it and see errors or mistakes. Make adjustments where necessary, uphold this strategy will not only give you your desired grade, but studies will become easy and simple for you. You don’t need to struggle to study. A plan will solve many headaches. Aslo read
 Balancing Academic Activities with Social life.

Students don’t want to miss out in most of the social events in schools and around town. This is where a balance is needed. All work without play makes Jake a dull game, the saying goes. Student must understand that; academic activities is just for some time. It must end.

Conflict between the two might spell out doom for your plans. Social activities that conflict your study plans must not hold. Few hours’ pleasure can deprive your future joy and aspirations. Rather make out time for social events that will not pose a threat to your study plans.

Social events can also be included in your study plan. this is necessary to pave way for effective and efficient breakthrough.

Why should you Develop a Study Plan for the New Academic Session?

Planning for the new academic session is important in many numbers of ways

  • It gives a Target to achieve: Once you have a target to hit, time is no longer by your side. Achieving this target(s), makes you a fulfill students.
  • Focus: Study plan make students focused in their studies and reading pertain. After receiving lectures, you what to do and how to do them. A focused students make less mistakes in exams.
  • Effective and Efficient: Study plans is a sure way of being effective and efficient in studies. Students without plan cannot beat your praenomen.
  • You cannot be Caught Unaware: It keeps you prepare every day and time, during emergency tests, when others are lamenting, you will be happy, perhaps, your prepared on time.
  • It creates a Sense of Security and Confident: you will always be bold and courageous, because you are prepared for nay academic challenges.  


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