With the increasing economic hardship, the struggle for survival is inevitable. Choked with many bills to settle, the unending quest, to meet up the demand of society, is a mission of possibility at all end.  

Little do people cater for Health, the society only react to health problem, when the body finally breaks down-a sad reality that have killed many. Thousands more, are on a death list, without their very notice.

Health-a very important aspect of our very existence, but taken for a joke by many. The sudden pass-away of people, both young and old, is at alarming rate. So many illnesses are on the rise, killing and miming at will, unchallenged.

But why are people showing less concern, when health is mentioned? Perhaps, we never thought, what killed Mr. A; can also repeat such to Mr. B and even C. Or maybe, we heavily rely on our Faith.

A look at the society shows many are sick, but only few have symptoms. We only wait, when the illness have taken over our health. Apparently, it becomes too late for Doctors to act.

Does one have to fall ill before visiting the Hospital?

Unfortunately No. but the reality on ground shows that, many if not all, wait till they become ill, even at the point of death, before the idea of visiting the hospital surface. We don’t make doctors our friends.

We don’t even have our personal or family physician, a sad reality. Many see it, as a waste of scarce resource.  The few wise have been benefiting from it. Having a family doctor, who run series of test and treat you regularly, is one of the best way to be wealthy.

Talking herbs when sick may not be the best idea. Herbs do have their own potency. They may not detect or properly treat an illness. Many international medical journals, don’t recommend the use of herbs. You might be damaging your Liver, Kidney and other vital organs in the body, if continued regularly.


Your health is your wealth, only the living makes money. While we are busy, in search of greener pasture, putting your health first should not be an option, but a priority.   

We have one life to live. Once gone, it’s gone.  Visiting your doctor regularly, must be a necessity. But unfortunately, people see it as a waste of time and money.

More than 60% of the black race has no idea of their health status, a study in Kenya revealed. Poor health facilities and lack of funding of the health sector contribute to it.

 Let’s see some Illnesses that can terminate one without Much Notice

  • Hypertension: A silent killer, and a leading cause of death worldwide, most people don’t know they are hypertensive until the later date. Like most illness, hypertension doesn’t give clear sign, but drop one without prompt notice. When the blood pressure rise above normal, one is said to be hypertensive. According to a study, published by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30% of the world population suffers from hypertension. Funny enough, people don’t realize their hypertensive situation early.
  • Stroke: Caused by varieties of factors, many are six fits below the ground, due to this. Stroke does not come over night; it develops over time due to our health related problems. It can be managed, when detected on time.
  • Diabetes: Caused by excessive sugar and carb, and the inability of the body to breakdown carb. A horrible killer, worst then Hiv. Many are diabetic without knowing it.   A regular check-up could make a huge difference. This illness is cumbersome to manage.
  • Cancer: An incurable killer, caused by growth. One hardly knows his/her cancer status, regular health checks, could detect early cancer growth. Fortunately. It is curable at the early stage, but very expensive to manage.
  • Hiv: A leading course of Aids, a sexual transmitted disease. Hiv can stays in one’s body for up-to-10 years or more, without his/her notice. The virus would destroy your immune system and leave you venerable to attacks. Only a test can reveal your hiv status. Fortunately, it is manageable with medication.

See More Illnesses that can cut lives short without Much Notice

  • Kidney Failure: A rampant situation and a deadly killer, one’s kidney start to fail, without their notice. Kidney failure is caused by many factors. Very hard to notice without medical check-up. A 3 times check within a year, could be a game changer.
  • Hepatitis: Another silent killer, easily mistaken for other illness. Many are living with Hepatitis with knowing it. Luckily, it has a vaccine, for prevention. Once tested negative, vaccine could be administered, to prevent infection.
  •  Cardiac Arrest: Heart related problems can kill one silently. When the heart starts developing issues, people don’t take it serious, until it brings them down. One suddenly collapse, when the engine room fails to carry out it functions.
  • Malaria: Predominant in Africa, it has killed hundreds of thousands and still counting. Very dangerous but overlooked killer. Most affected are women and children. It is very much curable.
  • Typhoid Fever: It accumulates in the body, and then strikes. Caused by contaminated water, food etc. this illness have killed many. Very much curable.