Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq: Image Battered, Political Career Ruined, Nigerians not happy her style of Management of NSIP

Npower: Umar Sadiya- Heartless and Cancerous- Volunteers Voiced out

Npower: Umar Sadiya- Heartless and Cancerous- Volunteers Voiced out: Not less than a year into her appointment as Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Volunteers have started calling her ‘heartless and cancerous.”

Her nonchalant attitudes to the plight of Npower volunteers had gained the ground all over; volunteers have too to her twitter page in protest hurling and throwing tantrums and ill-mannered words on the honorable minister

Since they brought in Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq to pilot the activities of the National Social Investment Programme, things became even worst and deals become shady, Volunteers claimed

In this perilous covid-19 pandemic,  Volunteers were left to surfer more even while their stipend is due, the total lockdown experienced in some states  come without warnings and Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq abandoned volunteers sheepishly  

It was observed that in recent months, the volunteers had to wait until towards the middle or end of the next month before receiving their stipends.

A sad situation, which might blackmail buhari’s integrity towards creating and sustaining jobs and the entire APC manifestoes.


In one of the comment made by a protesting Volunteer, Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq was described as a Cancer and must be SURGICALLY removed,

According to DAILY POST, the angry Volunteers even described the Minister as biblical Pharaoh, while some said she is”heartless and cancerous.” see https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-beneficiaries-protest-non-payment-of-march-stipend-on-facebook

Here are some Massive Revolts  and Protests Against Sadiya_farouq on twitter

@Afrukama, “Madam @Sadiya_farouq please stop being the real disaster to Npower beneficiaries. They are not beggars, pay them their march stipends. They are all suffering from the lockdown and needs money to suvive this season.”

@JosephUsoro6, “Good evening sir….. Please save our soul with new Minister of Humanitarian…… NPower beneficiaries are dying of hunger because of none payment of March stipends by the minister.”


@adaeze-tweets, “Npower Stipend delays is injustice and wickedness especially in this lockdown.”

@Judy4twit, “How can you stay comfortable in your home without paying those you serve yet you sharing money? This is the time they need this money most in their lives you disappointed them madam.”

@acheseogbeinbia, “This must be the Pharaoh against Npower volunteers. A cancer growing speedily affecting 36 states of Nigeria. A mother without heart. A mother without feelings. A mouthpiece without speaker. A venomous snake on a federal tree. Who always making it an habit of not paying.

@Remipetak, “Since @NSIP_NG has been under your ministry, aunty

@Sadiya_farouq you never pay @npower_ng their stipend as at when due. Your month of March not yet end. You better change for good.”

@timjayy wrote, “Dear ma, how do you justify your stay in that office? You have only worsened the situation you were called to salvage and the greatest you have achieved and has promoted your name is the cry of Npower volunteers always calling you for payment at odd hours which you always ignore.

“All Ministry, Departments and Agencies of the government, MDAs have been paid in this critical time to help their family survive this period, what is delaying Npower Volunteers payment after six months in office? Should we say you @Sadiya_farouq is still going through our files?”

@chinaemezuOdike, “Minister of Humanitarian Affairs please pay Npower their March stipends. We are starving. My four kids really need to be taken care of. Please I am pleading. Thanks ma’am.

@GeorgeMarine, “Its sad and unfortunate that beneficiaries of Npower no longer get their stipends when due, the executives and legislators believe have received their march salaries #PayNpowerMarchStipend.”

@FaleyeTs, “Enough is enough of [this] deliberate delay of our monthly stipend. Hon. @Sadiya_farouq of @FMHDSD should fulfil her promise of immediate payment to @npower_ng she promised on 31-03-2020. We are not beggars and can’t continue to die of hunger during this #StayHome #PayNpowerMarchStipend.”



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