Npower: FG explains Delay in Stipends Payment- Blamed verification process

Npower: FG explains Delay in Stipends Payment- Blamed verification process: The Buhari administration through the leadership of the first Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq has come out openly to Addressed the payment delays experienced in stipends payment

The battered Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq blamed verification process in the ministry as the main cause of the delay, citing plenty of verification procedure that must be followed be payment is triggered

Beneficiaries of the programme has taken to protest via social media, calling the Honarable Minister ill-names not suitable for a public figure like hers, See

In Her Correct and Precise Words According to Daily Trust Paper

“In a statement, she signed, Farouq said: “I know we had a complaint in October while we just got the NSIP into the ministry and we needed to understand the programme considering that it has been in existence before we came on board. We needed to understand before we start signing for a large amount of money and that was why we had the delay then.”

“Unfortunately, then we were operating with a director who was overseeing the office of the permanent secretary and then in January, we had a new permanent secretary who also had to understand the nature of the programme.” See

Not less than a year into her appointment as Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Volunteers have started calling her ‘heartless and cancerous.”

A statement by Rhoda Ishaku Iliya, Assistant Director (Information) in the Ministry explained that it had begun the process of rigorous overhauling of N-Power and other social investment programmes.


Her nonchalant attitudes to the plight of Npower volunteers had gained the ground all over; volunteers have too to her twitter page in protest hurling and throwing tantrums and ill-mannered words on the honorable minister

Since they brought in Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq to pilot the activities of the National Social Investment Programme, things became even worst and deals become shady, Volunteers claimed

In this perilous covid-19 pandemic,  Volunteers were left to surfer more even while their stipend is due, the total lockdown experienced in some states  come without warnings and Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq abandoned volunteers sheepishly  

It was observed that in recent months, the volunteers had to wait until towards the middle or end of the next month before receiving their stipends. see


A sad situation, which might blackmail buhari’s integrity towards creating and sustaining jobs and the entire APC manifestoes.

This, the Ministry noted was to ensure maximum transparency, greater efficiency and more prudent application of resources.


  1. If been a minister for humanitarian and disaster affairs but yet to correct the experienced of delay in the Npower monthly stipend, what are you humantaring? It is has been OK before all this while before your takeover as minister. Does that mean you’re not competent to handle the seat? Perhaps it was an error appointing you as minister for humanitarian and disaster affairs then step down and let another come and let see what will be the end result. Those that were there before you did tried and carried everybody along. It is true you have been called names like been heartless, wicked, I don’t care attitude and the lacks. Why not even consider this period of lockdown because many of the N-Power Volunteers solely depend on this monthly stipend. To be a good leader you must carry everybody along especially those you’re head over them like the Npowers.

  2. To some parts of Npower (Ncreative)she’s not just owing March stipends,but January till March which is 3 months altogether,and this one that you are saying that you’ve signed March stipend,hope you are not trying to wave this part of Npower I’m talking about. We really need this stipend especially during this lockdown period. If you are really not heartless like you claim,by tomorrow,we are supposed to start seeing the alert.


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