2020/2021 N-power Recruitment: 400,000 Volunteers to be Recruited-Minister (Video)

N-power Recruitment: 400,000 Volunteers to be Recruited-Minister (Video): The Federal Government had concluded plans to recriut new set of N-power volunteers; this was convened by the minister of Humanitarian affair, Disaster Management and Social development Mrs Sadiya Farouq Umar.

400,000 beneficiaries of #Npower program are going to be enrolled very soon – Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Farouk



All you need to know about N-power: Categories n-power is divided into, the requirements needed. Npower call center, pre-selection stage, date for fresh recruitment, Duration of the programme. What the program is all about, how to be selected in the 2020 recruitment? Mistakes to Avoid, the best programme to register for. When will the recruitment starts, how to register for Npower, the official website for Npower.

The programme which is the largest in Africa has so far empowered more than 500,000 persons.  Plans to bring another 400,000 volunteers by mid-June in on the pipe

Npower has put smiles in the faces of thousands of Nigerians; many more are hoping to be recruited in to the programme.

With the rising rate of unemployment in the country, the government is wasting no time in addressing its mitigating effect. Thus creating opportunities for young and able youths


All You need to Know On Npower 2020/2021 Recruitment

In this article, we will answer most of the questions asked by applicants pertaining the 2020/2021 N-power Recruitment, we often receive series of quires like:

What you need to know about N-power:

 Categories n-power is divided into,

The requirements needed,


Npower call center,

Pre-selection stage,


Duration of the programme.

What the program is all about

How to be selected in the 2020 recruitment

Mistakes to Avoid

The best programme to register.

When will the recruitment starts

How to register for Npower

The official website for Npower

 What you need to know about the programme

The first three paragraphs of the article has given a preview of what the programme is,  the main vision of N-power is to  empower volunteers with the needed skills to create wealth for themselves and for the nation.

It seeks to reduce the number the unemployment in the country, this is done by unfolding opportunities through skills acquisition. see https://myeduproject.com.ng/nysctop-10-reasons-why-corpers-should-apply-for-npower-recruitment

Volunteers get to acquire skills, create their own jobs, employ others thereby adding value in the society they live.

Categories of N-power

N-power programme has different categories; this was made possible to give volunteers option to choose their area of interest. More so, volunteers don’t have to force themselves but choose where suit them.

The programme is sub-divided   into various categories, namely

Graduate Category

  • This category involves volunteers or graduates with certificate in high institutions, like the University, Polytechnique, and Colleges of Education etc  
  • N-agro: Which specializes in agriculture, volunteers acquire skills in agricultural related fields like fisheries, farming, horticulture, forestry etc
  • N-teach: Volunteers are placed in schools to teach the future leaders of tomorrow.
  • N-health: Beneficiaries are placed in primary health centers, clinic, hospital etc to render health related services to the members of the public
  • N-Tax: Volunteers are engaged in tax related services such as  VAID, VAT etc
  • N-community: Volunteers educate members of the community on trivial issues

Non-Graduate Category

These are volunteers with no or little formal education, they are engaged in

  • N-creative: Volunteers  are thought creative skills like comic, voice acting, etc
  • N-build: It specializes in building technology and it application
  • N-software and Hardware: Beneficiaries learn how to build and install software and hardware in computer and app related field.

We advise applicants to:

  • Go for N-agro or N-teach, more people are needed there than N-tax and N-health for the graduate category.
  • For none graduates, you are advised to go creative, you have the opportunity to be selected than N-build.

Requirements needed to be qualified during Are:

Candidates applying for N-power must possess the following requirements:

  1.  A certificate form any high institution of learning- Bsc, Hnd, Nce, Ond etc
  2. A functional and Active bank account
  3.  Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  4. National Youth Service Corp discharge certificate
  5.  Must be 18 and above
  6. Birth Certificate or declaration of age in any competent court of law

N-power call center

The N-power programme is design in such a way applicants or beneficiaries can easily contact call center, thereby accessing the needed information. See https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-fg-to-recruit-batch-c-nibss-delayed-payment-hamed-zainab

There call center has so many lines but few are online, you can get them via 09060000451, there digital media contact includes Facebook, twitter etc

Pre-selection stage

After writing the test, comes the pre-selection stage, applicants will be selected based on random sampling and permutation, at this stage, physical verification will be required.

All successful applicants shall be screened using their certificates as claimed. Only successful applicants would make the final list.

Any applicants found not with his/her certificates as claimed shall be disqualified and will not make the final list.

 Date for fresh recruitment.

Quick Reminder! What we do know is that, the N-power site is NOT yet opened for new registration; applicants are advised to take heed not to fall scam.

When the site starts receiving new application, we will be the first to tell you. Book mark this page to stay updated.

Duration of the programme

The N-power programme is not for eternity, it is subject to last for just 24 months. Batch A has exhausted her tenure of 24 months but is still in the programme due to plans the federal government has for them. This may not be so for Batch B.

 Device Selection and Pick-up

All successful applicants shall be given pin to access their portal; this portal contains their details of their information during registration.

All beneficiaries will be required to select their preferred devices (IPAD), and a collection date will be announced.

The official website for Npower

To get first-hand information, visit www.npower,gov,ng , this is the legitimate website owned by the government.

Almost 12 million Applicants applied for 2016 and 2017 Recruitment. Only 500, 000 Selected

The recruitment saw large numbers of applicants, struggling with few available slots. How can one make the final list? And what are the challenges one needs to prepare for?

The both Batches (2016 & 2017) came, with a lot of challenges and mistakes in the side of applicants, many prospective applicants were disqualified for a lot of reasons.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is most likely one of the challenging hurdle to battle with, if applicants were to scale through the test segment of the program.

While some of the applicants Date-of-Birth in their Bank Verification Number (BVN) do not tally with the Date-of-Birth of their Bank Account Number (BAN), due to this, many applicants of 2017, batch B were disqualified.

How to be Selected and mistakes to Avoid

While there are NO automatic ways to be selected in the forthcoming 2020 recruitment, this article provides some help to prospective applicants who may be interested in the program, on how to scale through to the selection and final list without hitches.      see https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-recruitment-2020-2021-job-application-updates

 To be selected:

  • To be successfully shortlisted in the pre-selection stage, you must answer all the questions within a short time, preferably if you could use 5 minutes to answer 30 or more questions, the better your chances of being selected.
  •  Only 18 years of age and above are allowed to registered, the system will fetch out under aged or over aged applicants.
  •   N-power program is only for the unemployed graduates, civil servants both in the state and federal need not to apply as the system via BVN will expose them.
  • When writing the mandatory test, candidates are advised to use desk top computers or laptops, Ipad or phones with good internet connection to avoid hitches.
  • You are to proceed to device selection option and select your device immediately you finish you test.
  • Applicants are to keep their registration/ application number secretly, it will be used for reference when occasion demand for it.
  • Applicants Date-of-Birth on Bank Verification Number MUST tally with the Date-of-Birth on the Bank Account used.
  • Applicants Names on the Bank Verification Number MUST tally with the Names on the Bank Account Number.
  • Applicants must possess certificates from high institutions (like Bsc,Hnd,Nd,Msc etc.) O’level is out of the equation.
  • Applicants must write the mandatory test, the test encompasses questions drawn from different segments of the program.
  • Double registration is automatically disqualification, be warned


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