N-power IBM Jumpstart Competition: A Forgotten World Class IT Skills

N-power IBM Jumpstart Competition: A Forgotten World Class IT Skills: IBM N-Power Jumpstart is a competition which aims to create a sustainable positive future for N-power volunteers after their mandatory youth service.

See https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-permanency-movedrop-your-signature-as-bill-goes-next-reading

The competition provides the volunteers with the opportunity to learn and acquire new world class IT skills, get inspired, innovate revolutionary technological solutions enabling them to move on to new jobs or become entrepreneurs.

The competition is planned for:

  • Beneficiaries in the first and second batch of the N-Power Programme
  • All Beneficiaries on the N-Health, N-Teach and N-Agro streams
  • Beneficiaries registered on the IBM-DNA platform

But, the programme has died long even before its commenced, no news, no words from the Initiator

The founder of the Programme, who is now in charge of another different portfolio introduced this programme to boast the IT Skills of all volunteers

But was short lived, no information was heard after pairing by signing into the NPVN Portal


This idea alone would have provided World Class Skills needed by volunteers to provide jobs for themselves, the Nation, and the World  

Resources and time have been wasted on this, yet nothing was achieved, the programme died immediately a cluster head was moved away  

Apparently, volunteers are now disengaged into transition, with no hope of resurfacing the dead and forgotten skillful programme

IBM N-Power Jumpstart would have programmed the youths skillfully to be gainfully employed and reserved



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