Nigeria Navy Salary Structure for BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE
Nigeria Navy Salary Structure for BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE

Nigeria Navy Salary Structure for BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE

Welcome to, today we will be talking about the salary structure of the Nigeria Navy (NN), as we all know, the Nigeria Navy is one of the best in Africa, its numerical strength is around 20,000

“Founded in 1914 by the colonial masters, they were first known as the Nigerian Marine. Some years later, the name was changed to the Nigerian Naval force, becoming a full-fledged Navy, at least on paper. Those who maned the posts were from the Nigerian Marine.

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“By independence, the name changed to the Royal Nigerian Navy, and by 1963, when Nigeria became a republic, the name was then changed to the Nigerian Navy as we fully weaned ourselves off the vestiges of colonial rule. Since then, the armed forces have grown, and the Nigerian Navy ranks as one of the best in Africa”

The Nigeria Navy (NN) is a branch in the Nigeria Army, responsible for protecting the nation’s territorial water integrity against Internal Insurrection and External aggression

We will strictly adhere to the topic of discussion and go straight to the point, the post is all about the salary structure of the prestigious Nigeria Navy.

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The Nigeria Navy (NN) is among the most paid military formations in the country, men and women in the Nigeria Navy (NN) are properly taken care of by the large and bogus salaries and allowances

The Nigeria Navy (NN) Take-home pay can confidently take men and women of the force home and return them to work, meaning we are confident with the fact that, the Nigeria Navy (NN) is large enough to cater to the wellbeing of men and women under its nose

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There exist many plethoras regarding the subject matter, but our post will give the salary structure of the Nigeria Navy (NN) for BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE


We will also tell you the rank, Commissioned Officers, ranks of Non-commissioned Officers from Top to Bottom. Requirements for Promotion in the Nigerian Navy

Ranks of Commissioned Officers


This is the topmost attainable position in the Nigerian Navy.

It is amongst this rank that the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) is chosen.

 He reports only to the president and chief of Defence staff.

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The CNS is the highest position that anyone in the Nigerian Navy can hold.

Rear Admiral

Lieutenant Commander



Acting Sub-Lieutenant


Commodore –



The Ranks of Non-commissioned Officers

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Ordinary Seaman


Master Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer

Petty officer

Leading Seaman

Able Seaman

Qualifications And  Requirements To Join The Nigeria Navy

Must possess a minimum of 5 credits at not more than 2 sittings in WASSCE / SSCE / GCE / NECO / NABTEB

Must be between the ages of 18 – 22 years by June 2022 for categories requiring School Certificate.

Must be single and of Nigerian origin by birth.

Must not be less than 1.69m tall for males and 1.65m for females.

Must possess National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number(BVN).

Applicants must not be married or have children.

Applicants must be free from any previous criminal conviction by a court of law

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salaries


Lieutenant – N2,404,037 to N2,789,818
Sub-lieutenant – N2,255,911 to N2,630,801 per annum
Midshipman earns – N2,077,875 to N2,245,909 yearly
Navy Warrant Officer – N1,908,718 to N2.061,520 yearly
Master Warrant Officer – N1,783,029 to N1,962,697 per annum
Warrant Officer – N1,022,320 to N1,192,499 per annum
Cadet training – N471,038 to N532,773 per annum


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