DSS/SSS Salary Structure for BSC/HND/NCE/SSCE (New Increase)

The State Security Service (SSS) is embedded in the Department of State Services (DSS), it is saddle with the responsibility of intelligence gathering in Nigeria. 

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Functions of Department of State Services (DSS) State Security Service (SSS)

 It is a security agency in Nigeria.

It is under the National Security Organization (NSO).

It is totally controlled by the presidency.

The President appoints her head


It protects all senior government officials. (Governors of the 36 states in Nigeria and the President Federal Republic of Nigeria) 

It is also the duty of the DSS to protect the foreign envoy

They help to enforce the law

They curtail internal insurrection and external aggression.


They protect the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker House of Representatives, and other top officials who are also protected by the DSS.

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Recruitment into DSS/SSS for 2022

The DSS/SSS don’t have a portal for online application, recruitment into the secrete service is done manually, recruitment into the secrete service can be done at any time, they have no fixed time

Applicants are required to submit their applications to the state office, after which thorough checks and investigation is done to determine the qualification of applicants

Visit the state office of DSS/SSS and submit your application and CVs, there is no fixed date for the recruitment, your CV will be collected and filed

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Requirements for  DSS Recruitment-2022

Applicants wishing to get employment with the secrete service must:

Have a minimum of WAEC/NECO

Higher qualifications like Degree, Master are added advantage

Must pass Test and Exams

Must undergo intensive training (6 months training)

DSS/SSS Salary Structure for BSC/HND/NCE/SSCE (New Increase)

According to information available, the Director-General of the DSS receives up to N1.3 million per month.

What about the Nigeria SSS salary for the lowest ranks in the SSS?

“According to reports, they get at least 50% more money than the same ranks in the Nigerian Police Force. Therefore, if a sergeant in Nigerian police gets about 50,000 Naira per month, then the same sergeant gets about 75,000 Naira per month in DSS”

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