Improved Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure-BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE

Established in 1961, the Nigerian Airforce is a sister body in the Nigerian Armed Force. Supported by the Nigerian land Army, and Navy, she is one of the best Airforce in Africa

Applicants who are willing to join the Nigerian Air Force have been asking and wanting to know the salary structure of this noble part of the Nigerian Armed force

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In this article, we will mainly discuss, the functions, rank, stream, and improved Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure For BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE

It is worthy to mention that, the salary structure of BSC/HND/ND/NCE/SSCE is based on rank, we all know, “recruit” is for SSCE, other ranks are for the BSC/HND/ND/NCE

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 Nigerian Airforce-Functions

 Securing air-space,


Control of every activity on air

Maintaining peace in the nation at the air

Fighting on air to protect the Nation’s airspace security

Equip in the use of sophisticated air weapons.


The major stream of the Nigerian airforce

The airmen/women are known as the Non-commission and Commission staff.

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The salary scale of the Nigerian airforce is based on an individual’s rank and level of service.

Non-Commissioned Officer


Aircraft men/women




Flight Sergeant

Warrant Officer

Master Warrant Officer

Air warrant officer

The Commissioned Officer

Pilot officer

Flying officer

Flight lieutenant Officer

Squadron leader

Wing Commander

Group Captain




Chief Marshal

The Marshal Marshal

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