Corona Virus Outbreak: Countries in Africa where corona virus is expected to Hit

Corona Virus Outbreak:The deadly corona virus is expected to hits Africa any moment from now, the incurable disease is already in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and the epicenter ASIA.

How ready are the Health facilities in Africa? Can this be contained as fast as possible should be strange august visitor hits the continent?

Apparently, in Europe and America, People-to-people contact can be traced and monitored. Their health institutions and medical response team are superb and effective, travellers from china and other affected countries are well quarantined during entrance.

From the look of things, Africa is not fully prepared to welcome this virus with swift response, thus may lead to catastrophic situations as seen in the time of Ebola.

Millions of Chinese are expected in Africa in a Week Time

As china concludes her New Year celebrations, many Chinese workers who left the continent, will soon arrive Africa to continue their routine activities.

China- Wuhan province, the epicenter of the virus, where an outbreak of a deadly killer emanated

The Chinese coronavirus, a senior to the SARS virus, has infected close to seventeen thousands persons as we speak. The number is rising at an alarming rate.


As Chinese floods the continent in their thousands, the continent will see outbreak which are very strange and difficult to quarantine.

Majority of our Airport, the popular point of entrance to Westerners and Easterners are not with the proper Quarantine technology to properly screened and detect those infected with the virus.

Our hospitals don’t have the facilities to handle coronavirus patients, facilities are overstretched, and there are few testing and quarantine specialist and facilities, readily available.



How Will Africa and impacted countries are responding

Currently, china has built the biggest and largest hospital in only but 8 days to for coronavirus patients; this hospital is a ground breaking and landmark achievement in the fight against this deadly epidemic.

In America, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention with the government of the United State has modified strategist for proper quarantine even at entrance point via airport, Sea point and people-to-people-contact

Many western nations have doubled medical research with the cause of finding a cure or vaccine to contained and caution its effect on the populace. Related

Corona Virus Outbreak

As we speak, European Union has drawn a red alert on the people coming into Europe from China; all persons coming from China are restricted to some specific airport for proper quarantine, checks and subsequently, hospitalized if infected’

Many countries have restricted and deny Chinese entrance, a measure other seen as an effective way of reducing infection, criticized by china.

Here in Africa, the situations is far different, the governments have taken limited steps in addressing the issue. Africa only reacts, when things might have gone out of hand

Should Africa Restrict or Ban China from Entry at the Moment

This is a million dollar question, apparently, banning or restricting Chinese from coming into Africa, is like removing food from the proverbial snake that only depend and heavily rely on its host for economic development.

Africa needs China; our economic rely on Chinese Industrial and technological strength, we cannot do without the Chinese.

Corona Virus Outbreak

The Chinese dominate the construction sector in Africa, most government contracts are handled by Chinese companies, and a handful of workers are mainly Chinese.

Preventing Chinese from coming in will a suicidal attempt, it will be better if china does most of the screening and quarantine of their people before allowing healthy ones to travel.

Africa should also be on the watch out, by proper screening and all entry points, health emergencies should be on alert.

The Ebola outbreak and China’s Aid to Africa

Africa cannot in a hurry forget how china responded positively during the Ebola crisis, the financial aid, the supply of medical equipment and the medical and health professional sent to rescue the situation.

Placing restriction to china will be an ill and preconceive idea. Why should we ride to the aid of those who did not come to ours? China came to our rescue, and one good turn deserves another.

We cannot rescue china on this. But the spirit of friendship must be maintained.    Related

Why should we not worry about coronavirus?

The Wuhan coronavirus casualty rate is lower than for SARS and MERS, yet at the same time similar to the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, clarifies Neil Ferguson, teacher of scientific science at Imperial College London.

“It is a noteworthy concern, comprehensively,” Ferguson says, taking note of that we don’t completely comprehend the seriousness.

Ferguson accepts the casualty rate is probably going to be lower because of an “ice shelf” of milder cases we are yet to discover, yet he features that novel infections spread a lot quicker through a populace.

Countries in Africa where corona virus is expected to Hit

China has many interests in Africa, her Belt and Road Initiative is yielding much needed fruits, there are many Chinese workers pioneering this initiative.  

Countries in Africa with large number of Chinese workers are Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt. The coronavirus is expected to hits the aforementioned countries in no distance time.

Africa’s closeness to China is second to none due to economic benefits, cheap labor, massive FDI etc.

Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya should get ready for emergencies response as many Chinese return to their base. Government from all countries in Africa should prepare for the worst.

How to Prevent Corona virus?

There is no immunization to secure against this group of infections; preliminaries for a MERS antibody are in progress. The US National Institutes of Health is chipping away at an antibody against the new infection, yet it will be a very long time until clinical preliminaries get in progress and over a year until it may get accessible.

  • You might have the option to lessen your danger of contamination by maintaining a strategic distance from individuals who are wiped out.
  • Abstain from contacting your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands frequently with cleanser and water and for at any rate 20 seconds.

Mindfulness is vital. On the off chance that you are debilitated and have motivation to trust it might be the coronavirus because of movement to the area or coming into contact with somebody who has been there, you should let a human services supplier know and look for treatment early.

Corona Virus Outbreak

Spread your mouth and nose when you hack or sniffle, and clean the articles and surfaces you contact.

In the case of making a trip to China, know about indications and maintain a strategic distance from live creature markets, which is the place the most recent flare-up started in Wuhan.

Corona virus and felines, hounds and different creatures

Pets can get coronaviruses and the contaminations can get extreme. Now and again the infections can prompt dangerous illnesses. One can cause cat irresistible peritonitis in felines and something many refer to as a pantropic canine coronavirus can contaminate felines and pooches, as indicated by a recent report.

Felines can get SARS, however none of the tainted felines created side effects, as per the investigation. The cat coronavirus ordinarily is asymptomatic, however can cause gentle looseness of the bowels.

Cat irresistible peritonitis, or FIP, can cause influenza like side effects for a feline, however can likewise be progressively genuine for felines and can cause organ disappointment, yet it isn’t infectious and won’t spread from creature to creature or individual to individual.


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