N-power Devices: Reach out to Umar Farouq by dropping your signatures in protest  

N-power Devices: It is now crystal clear that batch B and a handful of Batch A volunteers of the n-power programme are denied the much promised devices, no official statement to this delay.

The question is, why is batch B not been given their devices even after a year and six months into the programme?  Was it perversity they longed to be given their devices? For how long will batch B wait for this device? Is there any hope for on the pipe for batch A?

The federal Government of the Buhari led government had promised to give all N-power volunteers devices, as a tool to aid learning. A handful of Batch A beneficiaries got their preferred devices within the first year of the programme

The situation is far different from Batch B volunteers, almost two years into the programme, no news, no official statement to the delay, and we fear we might be denied these devices, if we keep our mouth closed.  A closed mouth is a closed destiny, the saying goes

Time to Voice-out

These devices are meant to equip all beneficiaries in their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), by ensuring that beneficiaries are:

To make things complicated, the Special Adviser to the president on Mrs. Mariam uwais, one of the pioneers of the programme has been transferred from the program, making things more complicated to handle

Apparently, we feel that, the first minster of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Umar Sadiya Faroug might not be fully be aware of the situation at hand


We want to use the full voices of all N-power volunteers to reach out to her in her social, digital channels and her corporate social page as a minister

N-power Devices: Reach out to Umar Farouq by dropping your signatures in protest

As we speak, there are no visible plans on ground, to show that batch B will get there devices before the year runs out.  We want all N-power Beneficiaries to drop their signatories; as a sign of online protest. We will use your voices to reach out to Umar Farouq to see our plight

We believe in her office and her capability to ensure that, our devices get to us speedily within the year. Also see https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-disregard-malicious-information-on-afolabi-imoukhuede

Please, all N-power beneficiaries should drop their SIGNATURES in full support. It will be forwarded to the minster of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development-Umar Sadiya Faroug in her.


Seemingly, many beneficiaries are tired and feed-up with the delay; some volunteers have given up, since there is no official announcement or statement from all concerned bodies including the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP)

How to drop your SIGNATURE

  • Type your email in the comment section below
  • Make a # tag and comment e.g. #we want our devices or the delay is too much #
  • Submit and hit the like button.
  • You can share this link to other platforms
  • It will go a long way to reach and awaken our plight


  1. We want our device which the federal government promised us and why is the delay so fa,r since you became the head of the ministry everything was complicated and so, so excuses you render.

  2. Our device as promised by Npower will go along way in helping us to meet up with the e-platforms that can keep us connected

  3. Madam we néed our the delay is too much we are not young kids if not give us our device money which fg promise to give and you hold it


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