Mental Health: Causes of Clinical Depression (Symptoms and Treatment)

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Mental Health: Causes of Clinical Depression (Symptoms and Treatment): Depression is a mental state where an individual’s mind is not functioning as it should. In this situation, a person feels down and he or she cannot live a normal life. There are two stages of depression and the first is regarded as normal sadness while the other is known as clinical depression.

In this article, I will be shading more light on clinical depression. Clinical depression is a state where an individual’s responses to normal life activities are numb and the person does not show any interest in any activities.


It usually starts with an event that makes a person to feel that he or she has lost everything that is worth living for.

In addition to these incidencies, there are also other events that trigger this emotional state like;

Death of a loved one.



Other mental problems.

Feeling of unworthiness.

These are some of the many reasons of clinical depression.

At most times an individual and people around them do not know that they are depressed untill it has reached a high level


Now that you know what causes clinical depression, how do you know the signs.

When a person begins to feel emotionally down and this feeling lasts for over two weeks, then the person should seek help from a professional. There are many other signs which a clinically depressed individual shows which are;

General apathy towards activities.

Having suicidal thoughts or trying to hurt themselves.

Listening to sad music and watching depressing movies.

Lack of apetite for food. 


It is everyone’s responsibility to help those who are depressed. Here area few easy but effective ways of helping people with clinical depression;

Proper counseling; is very good to counsel depressed people and help them see that there is still more to look after and more to live happily for.

Administering proper drugs and Treatment to them;

There are some drugs that help to reduce depression, people with depression should take such drugs to help them.

Engaging them in activities that will cheer them up;

It is good to take a depressed person out and engage them in exercises that will help them fight it.

It is essential to fight depression because it is a silent killer and it is not written on the face.

Fighting this disease will help better the society.


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