A Warri Boy Broke world Record: FIFA Formally Recognized Eche Chinoso

From Grass to Grace: Eche Chinos- A Nigerian amazing kid finally renowned by FIFA and Guinness Record

A Warri Boy Broke world Record: Chinoso, a lovely boy who hails from Warri, the Delta State capital, has brought amazing glory and national pride to Nigeria.

Eche Chinoso normally called “the amazing kid” has been formally conferred by Guinness book of record, to be a record holder for uninterrupted football touches on earth.

The warri born Chinoso  was formally welcome as a legend and genius freestyler, not only was he recognized by FIFA but the most-sought Guinness book of World Record took notice of his amazing gift.

Apparently, the 10-year old kid had worked tirelessly hard to get to where he is today. In an interview with Eche Chinoso, it was gathered that the amazing kid had so many challenges in life; none of these challenges deterred him from his talent

It was also gathered, a school lover, want to take his education alongside with sport to the next level of his life.

Chinoso Consecutive Freestyle

Chinoso made a ground breaking victory when he uninterruptedly touches a soccer ball in a minute while balancing another ball in the head-An accolade that drew the world attention in just a scene

 A potpourri of talents, the 10-year Chinoso drew fifa’s attention and at the same time, Guinness book of World Record took notice of his amazing gift, and crown him as a record title holder for the most consecutive touches of a soccer ball in a minute while balancing another ball in the head. Related https://myeduproject.com.ng/qatar-2022-africa-and-the-rest-of-the-world

A record not seen in little kids of Chinoso’s age in decades,

FIFA could not hide their joy and excitement over this amazing and landmark achievement, in her correct words, the world regulating football governing body, while challenging and encouraging other kids said “How many kick-ups could you do when you were 10? We bet some of you were pretty good!” the football regulating board said. “Guessing you weren’t doing them while balancing another ball on your head like Amazing kid Eche, though what a talent!” source:we give credit to www.legit.ng

Many Nigerians and fans of this glorious young kid have been pouring good wishes and kind messages on twitter lately.



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