Being a man is not the masculine structure in the arm, or the strength that comes in it. But the ability to father a child, make one a man. Apparently, many had lost that privilege of having kids.

More than 4% of men worldwide are infertile, according to WHO report, a sad reality. However, the figure may be high in some cases. Some people are yet to discover their fertility status.

Men only found themselves infertile, when it may be too late to correct, as they might not be symptoms for early detection.

Marriages have crumbled, on account of being infertile. The joy of having kids, to keep the house going, is one of the components of marriage. When a man cannot father a child, not much respect will accord him.

Infertility had caused many to adopt kids, an alternative to having your own children. But this method is fine by many. Insults are hail by close friends and family members.

Factors that might course Infertility in Men

The society is not yet educated on this development. Let see some factors that might make men infertile.

While these factors are not backed by scientific evidence, medical experts warned that:

  • Untreated Diseases: When one allows a disease (Virus or bacteria) to stay in the body for long, the repercussion may be disastrous. When a virus or bacteria stays in the body for long, it multiplies, build strong resistance against drugs.
  • Not only do viruses and bacteria render the immune defenseless, but destroy some key organ of the human body.
  • When sick, ensure to treat it properly. If need be, go for test even after treatment.
  • Lack of Zinc: Zinc is responsible for producing healthy sperms cells, when the body doesn’t have enough zinc; the resultant effect is low sperm count.
  • Low sperm count, is when the sperm is not enough, to fertilize the ovary, note, when sperm comes out , many died even before getting to the ovary.
  • As a sexually active man, you must not lack in zinc. Eat more of green vegetable and fruit. In essence, your meal must contain the six classes of food.

More Factors

  • Risky Habits: Habits that is not healthy for our general heath is risky. Excessive drinking and smoking, poor diet and gluttony to some extent, might cause infertility problem
  • Some Genetic Modified Foods (GMF) and Organic Medicine might increase infertility in men. Moderation in habit is a key to achieving great health.
  • Some health analysts revealed that, excessive masturbation is not healthy.  Sex should be two or three times per week. And the body allowed to recuperate, before discharging sperms.  
  • Excessive and Strict walkout Exercise: Strength but true, excessive stressing the body, leads to decrease in testosterone production.
  • Testosterone is responsible for sperm production, decrease in testosterone may lower sperm count, and lower sperm count is the landing problem of infertility.
  • Whatever type of walkout, your testosterone must be safe. Safe from stressful exercise.

Some Factors Considered Unhealthy

  • Technological Gadgets that Produces Radiation: Smart Phones, Laptops, etc. must maintain a sizable distance from your lap. They produce heat and radiation that are harmful to your reproductive organ.
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  • Technological gadgets mentioned, comes with radiation, which may not only cause infertility but might lead to cancer.
  • These gadgets should be used and kept away during sleep hours. They should not be used while charging, experts advised.
  • Fighting or being hit on the Manhood: this may not go well, if one is hits directly on the scrotum.  Some persons had suffered damage from this.