We Don’t Have N5M to Pay as Ransom to Interview Volunteers- Radio & TV Stations

We Don’t Have N5M to Pay as Ransom to Interview Volunteers- Radio & TV Stations: Next Protest Suffers Setback as TV and Radio Stations are afraid to interview disengaged Npower Volunteers for the Planned protest coming soon

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Lately, the 36 states Npower volunteers exco have visited different Radio and Tv stations for interview and coverage of the Next protest but turned down due to the new National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) code introduced

Government will collect 5million from any broadcasting station that is used by youths to protest anything this government is doing or agree to interview anyone that will speak otherwise

The 36 states Npower volunteers exco had planned interview with AIT TV station in Lagos but was turned down because of the code.

A TV station that interviewed Ex CBN deputy Governor, Mr Obadiah Mailafia,  paid the sum of Five Million Naira ( N5,000,000) for statement the Government deemed Fake News and Hate Speech

This prompted fear, hence, AIT refused the agreed interview


AIT had agreed and fixed Friday 14/08/2020, 4pm to be precise but declined to do so much later

See https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-batch-c-pre-selection-test-past-questions-and-answers

“Then Other state Npower excos where communicated then they embarked on the journey but upon reaching Lagos sadly AIT said they cannot give us chance again as they don’t have the 5million to pay to FG

A strong warning came to them lately after they agreed to interview the outgoing Npower volunteers


And as this happened, the 36 state and FCT disengaged volunteers came out of the studio and made a video of appeal for permanency with #enough is enough message to the government#”

The 36 states Npower exco released an apology later, pleading to all volunteers

Dear npower beneficiaries
“I really want to use the opportunity to thank you all for your support in taking this struggle to the next level . I could see the eagerness to the outcome of the interview which was displayed yesterday but I am very sorry to announce that our agreement which was initially binding before we left our various places of abode to Lagos hit the rocks when we got to Lagos for circumstances we could not explain .

The editors started singing a new song and tagged our topic an anti-government campaign, we pleaded and protested but it seems our plea fell on deaf ears because they were nonchalant to hear claiming that they don’t have 5million to pay as fine we still pleaded that we came from states that is farther from Lagos still the plea fell on deaf ears its crystal clear the government knows our plan and they are fighting tooth and nail to ensure they slowpoke our move”


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