Watch DW Video of Sadiya’s Promise to Pay Stipends, No Date Fix: Here is the brief Transcription of Sadiya Farouq with Binta Zumi on DW Hausa Version

‘‘BINTA ZUMI — What can you tell us about N-Power?

SADIYA — Npower is an initiation of President Muhammad Buhari to help the unemployed graduates

BINTA ZUMI– What is the fate of Npower beneficiaries?

SADIYA — Npower is a programme design for the beneficiaries to be train and exit after two years due to some issues the first batch were not exited but right now we have exited them from the programme and batch B will also be exited by end of this month.

BINTA ZUMI — Does the government have any plan for these exited youths that were disengaged?

SADIYA — Well majority of them have establish themselves and they are doing well over 100, 000 of them and those who couldn’t be able to start up any business, we are currently discussing with CBN to give them loan from GEEP, AGSMEIS and ANCHO BORROWER and other available loans but is not going to be compulsory .


BINTA ZUMI — Some beneficiaries are asking about their June stipend

SADIYA — Those who will received have received it and for the june stipend by next week they should receive it’’

Summary of the Interview with Sadiya Umar Farook regarding the Npower Batch A & B beneficiaries

  • The payment of backlogs and June stipends to Npower beneficiaries has no fix date.
  • Npower Batch A has already been exited from the scheme since June 30th and Batch B will follow them on July 31st, 2020.
  • the Hon Minister did not talk about transition and exit packages for both batches, but she says they are negotiating with CBN to put volunteers in some plans.
  • The Hon minister also did not talk about Batch B devices
  • Regarding batch C enrollment exercise she said the portal will be close next week but no specific date and time yet.
  • The minister also said they maybe enroll into the program by the end of this year.


  1. Comment: Hon. minister pls pair your god and pay us our stipend since the programme has getting to an end allah is on control he will look after us


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