Tokyo 2020 Olympic: 5 ways Corona/covid-19 virus may impact the games

Tokyo 2020 Olympic: Covid-19 virus as we all know emanated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, death toll has superseded 1000 and still counting, the numbers of infected persons are on the increase.

More than 50,000 persons are infected with the virus in China, with most Asian countries sharing large chunk of persons-to-persons transmission. see

Japan tops the list, after China, a close neighbor to the epicenter of Covid-19. The Diamond Princes Cruise Ship in the Japanese port is still housing the large Coronavirus/COVID-19 patients.

As the clock tick, the Olympic Games draw nigh, the world and her athletes have been preparing for four years for this event. But will people still take the risk of travelling to the Far East in the midst of the deadly killer known as COVID-19?

Will COVID-19 be contained before the games commences? Can Japanese Health facilities withstand a large such an outbreak? Will world leaders allow their citizens’ travel to Japan in difficult time like this?

Japan is a door-step-neighbor to china, anything that affect china will definitely have an effect on japan as seen by the COVID-19 outbreak. In few months’ time, the much awaited event will kick-start if not post-pone.  

This year Olympic competition will be different from others; there might be an impact on the generality of the event, ranging from revenue generation, population of attendance of both athlete and fans etc



Let’s see how Corona virus/COVID-19 will impact 2020 Tokyo games

If the trend of infection and people-to-people transmission remain unchanged, and no vaccine or cure for the virus within seven months, the impact may supersede our comprehension:

Low Turnout

  • Low Turnout: This year Olympic Games may be filled with empty seats in all sporting facilities in Tokyo. Some countries are already restricting and banning traveling to and from China. If the situation is uncontrolled in Japan. Similar event may play in.
  • Apparently, some countries in the world want to be careful with the COVID-19 virus. Health Facilities are not porous and capable to contain any emergency. The need to restrict citizens from contacting the scourge is paramount.

Poor Revenue for the Games

  • Poor Revenue for the Games: Low turnout is tantamount to poor revenue generation, since it is people revenue will be generated from, poor turnout of people will affect revenue.
  • The Olympic Games may end up in fatal loss for both the organizers and World Olympic body.
  • The Olympic Games held in China, Brazil recently are success stories in revenue terms, such may not play well with Japan if the COVID-19 virus lingers.

Pressed Medical Facilities

  • Pressed Medical Facilities: Japan is a small country with a population of about 120 Million persons. The medical facilities cannot be compared with that of China.
  • Japan doesn’t have medical expertise and professional like China and other western countries. The nation is health policies are still in the dark.
  • Apparently, many Foreigners may refuse the temptation of coming for the games.

Stigmatization and Marginalization:

  • They are likely to happen as the case may be in China, Seemingly, Chinese citizens are stigmatized and marginalized by foreigners, and no one wants to have anything to do with China at the moment. Businesses and Trades, Exports and Imports have all dropped due to COVID-19 virus; this will eventually play out in Japan if the virus is not contained.
  • And the Olympic Games that should bring unity to the whole world may turn out to be the direct opposite: thus, segregating and dividing all races.

Bad Image to the Olympic Body and the Japanese Government

  • Bad Image to the Olympic Body and the Japanese Government: COVID-19 virus may end up disgracing and embarrassing the good people of japan and the world Olympic body.
  • If these happened: there may be changes, heads may roll and total changes may occur. Which will not go well with the current structures and arrangement of the games  


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