Do you need a side Hustle as a Volunteer: Answer Questions and Get Paid

Having Hard Times Getting a Job or do you need a side Hustle: Answer Questions and Get Paid

Do you need an extra source of income, a side hustle?

You are good in any STEM or Business subjects?

Are you having hard times securing a job?

Tired of doing teaching jobs without being paid?

Do you need a side Hustle as a Volunteer: I have been on this job for long now, i Made quite fortune from this in additional to my main work, the sweetest thing is that, you work at will, unchallenged by Boss, computer gives you rules to follow.

We all complain about stipend not paid on time, perhaps, the government is has many things on mind, finding and getting another stream of income may be the best thing that will happen to mast of us


Follow me and thank me later on this

Your main work will be to provide and assist high school and college students in their course work, by providing well clarified and non-plagiarized answers to questions on many subject areas.

0.7 USD will be paid to you for each questions solved, 0.9 USD for each college question answered.

As an N-power (N-teach) volunteer, teaching in a secondary school in Markurdi, I do this to complement the stipends given at the end of the month, which we all know may not come as at when due. I handle mainly questions from Commerce, Economics, Accounting and Business related subjects.

All I do is to log on to the account created for me, and then selected any question I can conveniently answer.


I work 4 to 5 days in a week. Done at night when I am less busy, I’m done answering at least 5 questions.

I make it a point of call to answer 25 questions correctly in seven days. In a month, that is 100 questions. At this conservative and less stressful work rate, you can earn nothing less than 25k in a month, or more if you are really good in any STEM or Business subjects like accounting, economics.

Method of Application and Payment

The method of payment is stress free, you get paid instantly when the month get to an end. This is not a question of waiting or wailing before you get paid. You are paid for work done. Also see

I will advise all Npower volunteers that are good in solving problems in to advantage of this great opportunity.

From this forum, I observed that, most of you are extremely good and better in decision making, analytical and utilizing solid background in problem solving. You can add this to whatever you are doing to earn well

Apply now using the above link. You should be contacted to take their online assessment tests within 10 working days.

In approximately 10 working days, you would be contacted via Email to write an online test on the use of English.

If you scored 85% and above, you would be subjected for another easy and simple test, which I believe will be like “Another N-power test, very easy”.

The funniest thing is that, you can use the internet to browse your answers, that is, if you are smart enough, considering the time frame of the test.

You just need about 4 points to pass. Then, you get a congratulatory mail. In about 5 working days, documentation should be done and you are ready to start answering questions.

LatinHire is the agent responsible for hiring and paying subject tutors who answer questions posted on

This is a US based site for high school students and college students for learning purposes.

All you answer provided are well monitored for quality assurance team.

Drop all your questions here, we will do we could to put you through this process.


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