Qatar 2022: Africa and the Rest of the World

She is at the cross road waiting make history. The super might of African football teams is up to the task to deliver.


The just concluded Africa Nations Cup speak volume, many of the local teams are fully developed.

The black continent had not gone beyond the quarter final in the history of FIFA world cup. Most of the teams got knocked out at an early stage. Powerful football nations ride on our flexibility; we only qualify to make number. This scenario has changed.

With the rigid teams the continent is developing, the likes of Germany, France, Brazil, England, Italy, must triple their dominance, if they were to remain relevant in the world of football.

Just like their counter pack in the west, Africa is using her local coaches to build their teams. These coaches understood better, the situation at hand. Perhaps, the over-hyped foreign (western) coaches need to reconsider their strategies.

Qatar 2022 promised to be great and awesome for African footballs. There will be unbelievable surprises, as evidenced in AFCON 2019 in Egypt. Madagascar, Burundi, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Guinea, Angola, Ivory coast are teams to watch out for.

With the quality of players, match played, technicalities involved so far. The possibility of reaching the finals is visible.

African Teams and the Semi-Final Challenge

No African team had won the world cup, but the continent has proved beyond all reason doubt of reaching the quarter final of FIFA under 23 World Cup. Three great teams proved Africa as a continent of Talents.

Cameroon hits the quarter finalist ticket in Italy, 1990. Before being eliminated by England. The indomitable lion of Cameroon is a force to reckon with. If qualified to play in Qatar 2022, surprises would-pull out in great numbers.

Senegal, despite not wining any AFCON competitions organized so far, might just be one of the wonders waiting to happen come 2022, if given the opportunities. The Lions of Teranga skillfully reached quarter finals in 2002, but were knocked out by Turkey.

The Black Stars of Ghana amazingly reached the quarter finals in South Africa 2010. They were gruesomely denied the ticket for semi-finals. The Ghanaian team is also a force to reckon with.

Africa had three times made the quarter final. With adequate preparations, they are set to reach the semi-final and final as well. Expectations are high come 2022 in Qatar.


Most Africa under 23 football teams are on the move, the strategies used by coaches are paying off.

  • Technicality: The major problem of the continent’s football team is the technical issues. Players and coaches are training day and night to reduce mistakes on the pitch. The
  • Coaches: Majority of Africa coaches are from the west. However, this scenario is changing. Local coaches are giving great results. The last AFCON matches attest to that. More local coaches are engaged. If this momentum is sustained. Experts says, great performance will be achieved.
  • Quality Players: Some Africans players play for European, American and Asian clubs. The experience and expertise are replicated at home. The local players are trained to alongside foreign based.
  • International Friendlies: Plans are underway to engage advance football nations in friendlies. Although, friendlies are not tantamount to real play and do not determine real situation, but will go a long way exposing team’s weakness and correcting them.


Hopes are high, the continent is curious and anxious to reach the finals of FIFA world cup. And winning the tournament.

Fans sit day and night in stadiums, watching players doing what they know how to do best. Local players are being trained with the best sporting facilities.  

More investments had entered this sport. Government at all levels want the best of this game come 2022.   


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