Intelligence is not tantamount to eloquence; academic environment is full eloquent individuals, who lag in intelligence. We may be making a fatal error, if eloquence was use as a measure of academic prowess.

Today’s world needs intelligent people to run it. Unfortunately, many of our students are not sound in mind. No creativity or invention. The school system mostly focused on eloquence.

Being intelligent as students brings out the very best. Sound minds come with smartness. And smartness alleviates one, to be better in dealing with difficult issues.

Six 6 Reasons why Students Are Not Intelligent in Academics

While this may differ from the Western world, intelligence is what students need to change the African story. Intelligence comes with hard work, focus and wisdom.

Knowledge alone is not satisfactory; she needs wisdom, and must be delivered with sound mind. One must be intelligent enough to utilize wisdom, and maintain a balance.

But the young minds, of our generation may be missing out; intelligence is key to utmost performance. The reasons why students, might not be intellectually sound, to address issues may be challenging.

Let’s See Some Reasons, Why Some Promising Individuals Lack Intelligence

Why this may not apply in most situations, it has been proven, some students:
Lack of Study: Knowledge is  easy to access, it is available on Books, Internet, etc. But some young minds find it hard to study. The world is changing, a lot of less important issues, have swayed the attentions of students.

Studies revealed that, most students don’t enjoy reading for fun, they only prepare for exams. After exams, the “matter is a forgotten one”. A student who does not study will definitely not be intelligent in all ramifications.


The Ill use of Smart Phone: Science has blessed us with Smart Phones; these smart phones come in different sizes, sharps and specifications. But it has done a lot of harm than good.

Some students  fail to take advantage, of the smart phones for academic purposes.

Rather, they are majorly used for less educational purposes. The ill-use of smart phones has derailed some students from being academically intelligent.

Practice: A student, who practices constantly, becomes intellectually sharp. Engaging in studies, practicing what was learnt, only makes one perfect.


Many of our young minds fail to understand this. There should not be intermittent study. It must be constant. Practices is necessary, your mind get used to some terms. And it sticks to the brain.

Some Promising Individuals Lack Intelligence

When Mistakes are Not Learnt and Corrected: Benjamin Franklyn once said, failure is an opportunity for success. Since failure is not an option.

Some students find it hard to encourage themselves after the first downfall. Failure sometimes, comes with great success. Only if mistakes were learnt and avoided.

Lacking Wisdom: This is the mother of intelligence. It is possible to have the knowledge to make an impact. If one lagged in wisdom, it becomes nearly impossible to deliver.

Students must learn and acquire wisdom. One must thrive, and understand with wisdom,to make an impact in academic grounds.

Being Spiritually Minded: This sound funny, but that is the truth. When one is sensitive to spiritual happening, the physical becomes easy to control.

Apparently, students may be lagging wisdom, always making mistakes, may not like to study or finds it difficult to study, in some cases, students don’t practice.

If this was address spiritually, they may be some respite and change. Go to God in Holiness and seek divine assistance.

Are there any Benefits for being intelligent as Students?

The world its self is centered, in producing quality and intelligent graduates. As the population grows, situations worsen. Only super intelligent minds solve challenging issues

Quality Leaders Emerge: A society or institution, that placed value on producing intelligent students, will eventually produce great leaders. Leaders that will pilot the affairs of nations. And solves world problem at large. 

Good Policies and Decisions: Intelligent students or leaders take mind blowing polices and decisions, decision that favors everyone. Many nations are less developed, not because the resources are not there, but because the leaders lack intelligence.

Inventions and Innovations Surface: The world become scientifically and technologically better, due to the super intelligence of some persons. Medical and space technology is changing the tides around.

In no distant time, Artificial Intelligence will better the fortune of man