Ten (10) Hidden Reasons Why No African Nation is Successful

See Chinese Investments and poverty Reduction in Africa

 Ten (10) Hidden Reasons Why No African Nation is Successful: It is no surprise that no African country is successful Economically, Technologically, Politically and Financially

African Countries have blamed their colonel masters for the under-developed situations around the continent, her leaders cease little opportunities to trade blames at Europeans and Americans Countries, but all these may not the true

A deep research and look into history reveal that, many Asian Countries were also cololized for a long period of time

Good examples of countries colonized are China, India, Malysia, South-Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam, Iran, Oman, Isreal to mention but few

These countries can be said to be more advance even after colonization, they came out of the dark and became Economically, Technologically, Politically and financially powerful than any Country in the Continent of Africa

 Ever wondered why Africa is still in the dark even when others are making great strides and advances? The reasons are not far fetched


No Land Mark for Change

The Continent and her people have no new ways and ideas of doing things; there are basically no creative thinking in Innovations and Inventions. The 54 countries in Africa are still not in the map of Inventions and Innovation

The Continent is still finding it hard to “believe in her abilities and potentials, her people are leaders travel to the East and West but refused to replicate the Western/Easten stlye of Innovation and Invention

Hence, the lagging behind in Ideas becomes like a culture. Today in Africa, there is no Standard for Change in Policies and Ideas. No challenge and no competition


Undefined Mindset

Afirca is not Suceessful because of lack of resource; she is not successful because of her mentality, the mindset of her leaders and ruler are docile and conservatives. A sound mind beseech sound polices and healthy thought, Africa lacks it in her leadership and politics

There are countries in Africa that still herbour unhealthy mindset in Econimic, Technology, Political and financial prownes, hence the backwardness    

Gross Mental Output and Gross Mental Attitude (GMO & GMA)

The aforementioned are the state of “mind” in the continent, our mental Output and Attitude are not practiced in the 21st century, in a world where countries are planning landing in planet Mass, Africa is still struggling providing potable water and electricity to her people

The System of Education practiced in some African countries is not obtainable anywhere in the world; Gross Mental Attitude can lead to Low GDP per Capita

Too satisfied with little

The Western and European colonizser throw “A drop from the king’s table” in terms of financial support and assistance, some African countries fund their budgets with financial aid from western countires and are satisfied with the “sta stu que”

Some sole depend on natural resource to earn a living and do less or nothing to explore the power of Technology

Africa is not successful in all ramifications because of “mind Limitation” and is satisfied with little progress. Europe, USA and Far East Asia see themselves begger than their imagination and size, hence, they dominate their environment and control the world

Trade Blames

This is reality, some Africans countries still…………………….


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