EndSars Protest: Six (6) Crazy Ways to Fight  Youth Unemployment

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EndSars Protest: Six (6) Crazy Ways to Fight  Youth Unemployment: Unemployment is a devastating feature that is troubling developing countries, especially those in the West African sub-continent like Nigeria.

Nigeria has majority if its youth on the street without jobs and a means of livelihood, even it is blessed with so much natural and human resources. Fighting unemployment is not a job that is to be reserved for the government alone.

Private bodies and other non-governmental organizations should combine efforts in tackling this problem. Entrepreneurship and skill development should be encouraged and allowed to thrive in the country.

A friendly atmosphere should be created to enable businesses and other means of employment thrive in the country.


Utilizing the Potentials of Sport


Sport is a great avenue for fighting unemployment. It brings a lot of people from different places together.

It draws tourist and spectators from around the world who pay to watch sporting activities. Developing the sports sector is like opening the country to the world.

Large numbers of people are needed to manage sporting events and this generates employment. Athletes who compete during sporting activities also get paid and this money serves as their source of income.

Sports generate huge revenue which if managed properly can be used to develop other sectors of the economy. The sport sector if managed properly can generate jobs for thousands of unemployed people.


Athletes and workers in the sporting sector would enjoy a great deal if this particular area is exploited and utilized properly.

Using Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Individually owned businesses should not be neglected in the struggle to fight unemployment because, they are the backbone of any countries economy.

Small scale businesses are the grass root of employment. It provides employment for people in that particular area. Small and medium scale businesses when created can create employment for the teeming population.

The government cannot employ everybody, so these other businesses can help the government to employ more people.

The private sector should be developed without limit because, this sector can hire most of the country’s working population.

The Right Education

Knowledge they say is power and education whether formal or informal is the first step in gaining knowledge.

The more educated a person is the better he or she can develop a means to support him or herself in the society. Education brings people out of darkness and introduces them into the light.

The higher the level of education of an individual, the more the person is worth in the labor market.

Education does not only give a person a certificate, it also gives the person the skills necessary for survival in the modern world.

Education helps to improve imagination and imagination is the key to creativity which is an important tool needed for a successful entrepreneur. Once the education sector is improved every other aspect of the country will also improve.

Through Economic Growth

Economic growth is the increase in a country’s production of goods and services.

For jobs to be created there must be a need for more workers.

When the economy of a nation is growing the rate of production and its market size is also enlarging.

To keep up the rate of expansion more jobs will have to be created in order to sustain the economy thereby, reducing the number of unemployed people.

Skills and Empowerment

Skill acquisition and empowerment is a very good way of fighting poverty.

Acquiring helpful skills reduces a person’s dependence on government jobs.

There are many skills available for learning for example; tailoring, barbing, shoe making and so much more which can provide standard living for an individual.

Empowerment programs and workshops can be organized by government and other agencies to train people with life coping skills that can help them live better lives.

Exploiting ICT and Agriculture

ICT is a new frontier in the labor market.

It offers numerous opportunities and it does not have location as a barrier as information and files can be transferred within seconds to every part of the world.

ICT related businesses are easy to operate because things are done with ease. Computer designers, programmers and software engineers are just a few of the people which ICT can employ.

The world is a global village and job opportunities in this area is constantly increasing because ICT captures almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Every person requires food to survive and this food can only be sourced from agricultural processes. Agriculture has been abandoned because many people do not want to undergo the stress that comes with farm work.

Agriculture does not have a limit for the amount of people it can employ. People should turn to agriculture because it provides almost every material which are consumed by a person.

Agriculture also provides goods for foreign exchange for government to provide income to develop the country.


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