During my university days as a student, I hardly check the academic calendar. If I did, I don’t use it to achieve my set goals and objectives. This narrative is common among students of high institutions.

Academic calendar as we all know is a like plan, carefully set to run the school activities in accordance to time and events.  This plan is expected to be followed not just by the school management but by everyone who is connected to the school including students.

The question is, why do most students fails to work with this calendar as a guide to success? The answer is not too far from our reach. Most students don’t plan their time following resumption for academic sessions. They only get serious with studies upon hearing ‘’ we have two weeks to exam’’.

Then the rush to get the needed books and handout, study packs as well as attending lectures becomes a plethora of confusion. According to National University Commission (NUC), students are to carefully follow academic calendar set by their schools, because they reflect NUC’s curriculum.

The Secretes of Success

A student who do not follow the set time and date in the calendar of the school may find it much difficult to break even. Success in studies usually comes when rules and time are followed.

Just like the story of creation, God carefully took his time within seven days to create the moon and sun, separated water from land, created animals, and at the end of the seventh day, created man. So are students must follow school academic calendar. From start to finish of the session.

How do we plan for examinations, tests, presentations, lectures etc if we don’t study the content embedded in the school academic calendar? A student who wants to maximize time and know how to study for exams, will take his or her academic calendar serious

Let’s see some Benefits of Academic Calendar to Students

  • Orderliness: Academic calendar helps a student to be in order and in charge of your studies. A student will know what to do, how to do them and what time, day and period to be busy.
  • Being in order prepares one ahead of time, in turns, mistake will less and concentration will be high.
  • Proper Preparation: Gone are the days when students take two weeks to prepare for exams, the resultant effect is massive failures or poor performance. If academic calendar is alongside studies. Students will have the opportunities to have proper preparation to prevent poor performance. Exams, tests, lectures, presentations etc will be properly planned for.
  • Time Consciousness: A student who adhere to the schedule of academic calendar is likely to make less mistake in timing, decision making, etc. while others are procrastinating and giving excuse why they couldn’t meet up in assignments and lectures and other major school activities, you will be find you self ahead of time, because the consciousness will serve as a guide to your activities.

More Benefits

  • Less Mistakes: While some students will be caught “mistaking apple for orange”, making huge and costly mistake due to lack of guide, your human error will be less in academic activities.  And when less mistakes are made, more confidence sets in and success assured.
  •  Academic calendar tells you more on school vacations, public holidays, duration of the session and semester, time for various activities partening the school programmes and events.
  • Proactive in School activities: As a student guided by school calendar, you are more likely to be pro-active in all your plans. Giving you an edge over other students who do things haphazardly and expect results.

Among other benefits, academic calendar is the best way to start the session and semester, all student should make it a culture, by having a copy of the school academic calendar. Use it to plan your studies. And see yourself achieving your sets goals and objectives.   



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