The largest social investment program (SIP) in Nigeria and the entire continent of Africa may be under threat as volunteers are forcibly resigned from the program without their knowledge.

Musa Aliyu from Gombe, Temi Olusole, and many others woke up to see that someone deliberately resigned them from the program without them noticing it.

Who is hitting the resignation button and how did they get your password and user name? Hacking!

People intentionally scam and hack Bank account, Face book account, Government site, High institutions website, etc. With the aim of inflicting harm and devastation

Well-secured sites should be encrypted with HTTPS so that information on sites cannot be tampered with, and volunteer’s data can’t be touched.

Registration centers or café attendants, where registrations are done can also temper with volunteer’s information, this is because it is easy and simple to login into volunteer’s portal. There is no strict restriction

Only password and username restrictions are there before login in and the resignation button has NO restriction placed on it. By hitting the resign button, a volunteer is sent out of the program.

Keeping your Portal Safe

Keeping your portal safe is beyond hiding your password and user name from the public. While it is almost impossible to completely protect against scammers and hackers (due to their sophistication).


Volunteers should as a matter of urgency:

  • Stop dropping their login details in websites.
  • Stop dropping your login numbers, password in N-power Social and digital networks.
  • Your user name and password should NOT be your phone number.
  • Use both letters and symbols as password; it is very effective against hackers.
  • Tell no one your user name and password.
  • When login in your details in any digital device or gadget, do not allow the device to save your details.
  • Even after login in, be mindful of the resignation button so as not to mistakenly press them.
  • Always send complain to NPVN situation room if you notice any changes in your portal

Volunteers are advised to heed to these safety tips so as to enjoy all the benefits of the N-power programme, while the N-power programme is meant for volunteers to enjoy and make a living out of it, some applicants who were not given such privilege are advice to put all their courage together as the portal for new registration will take effect as soon as the Federal Government gives a go ahead.