Shortly after assuming office in 2015, the Federal Government under the office of the vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbanjo launched another version of the National Social Investment Programme. A live changing programme that has received an accolade for its positive contributions.

Flagged off in 2015, the Social Investment Programme is seen as the largest in the continent of Africa. And spread across the 36 states of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

More than Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) persons benefit directly, a Million indirectly. This has transformed the lives of hopeless graduates and non-graduates into drivers of Economic growth.

In the history of the nation, no government had embarked on such a massive Social Investment. The last administration introduced Subsidy Reinvestment Programme (SURE_P). But was mired with Corruption, Lack of transparency and Fraud.

Just like the collapse of the old London Bridge, SURE-P did not see the light of the day, beneficiaries were selected based on Sentiments; Tribalism, Nepotism and Politics, the programme could not achieve it aim.

But the present Social Investment is not just Transparent, but Accountable. As evidenced by testimonies from beneficiaries. The programme is a success.

With a population close to Two Hundred Million persons, occasioned by high rate of Unemployment. Some Nigerians Graduates and Non-Graduates had lived below the poverty line of a dollar per day. Not until the current government introduced this live changing scheme.

Controlled directly from the nation’s capital, applicants need No Governor, Minister, Senator, Commissioner or godfather to become beneficiaries. The recruitment process was transparent, Free, Fair and Opened.



The National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) is structured into the three groups, namely N-power, Home Grown School Feeding (powered by food vendors) and Unconditional cash transfer to Senior Citizens who are vulnerable and helpless.

The N-power

 This Category involves both Graduates and Non-Graduates

This graduate category involves volunteers with certificate in high institutions, like the University, Poly-techniques, and Colleges of Education etc.  

  1. N-agro: Which specializes in agriculture, volunteers acquire skills in agricultural related fields like fisheries, farming, horticulture, forestry etc.
  2. N-teach: Volunteers are placed in schools to teach the future leaders of tomorrow.
  3. N-health: Beneficiaries are placed in primary health centers, clinic, hospital etc. to render health related services to the members of the public
  4. N-Tax: Volunteers are engaged in tax related services such as VAID, VAT etc.
  5. N-community: Volunteers educate members of the community on trivial issues

Non-Graduate Category


These are volunteers with no or little formal education, they are engaged in

  • N-creative: Volunteers are thought creative skills like comic, voice acting, etc.
  • N-build: It specializes in building technology and it application

The n-power category got large chunk of the scheme, and tremendously transformed the nation’s social economic well-being, huge success achieved. Beneficiaries were given thirty thousand naira (30,000 or about 100 dollar) monthly.

Home Grown School Feeding (Powered by Food Vendors)

The Home Grown School Feeding (powered by food vendors) is another huge success of the National Social Investment Programme. Students from primay one to three are given free launch at school, with the aim of encouraging parent to bring their words to school.

Hundreds of food vendors were employed to cook and feed these pupils, thus creating employment for thousands of people.

Unconditional Cash Transfer to Senior Citizens

The Unconditional cash transfer to Senior Citizens had record some level of success so far, some poor and vulnerable senior citizens who could not feed themselves, were helped with the cash of five thousand naira or less than 14 dollars per month. The government plans to improves on it at a near future

Some Impact of the National Social Investment Programme Felt So Far
  1. Empowerment: The scheme is currently empowering 500,000 thousand beneficiaries in different fields ranging from Agriculture, Health, Tax, Education etc. Some beneficiaries had completed their trainings, acquired skills, transforms these skills and becomes employers of labour. This is one of the cardinal point of this government. To empower the youths, reduce strict poverty level witnessed in the country.
  2. Provision Employment Opportunities: Thousands of jobs were provided, the lives of food vendors, instructors, the Management of the programme and the beneficiaries at large got transformed. Meddle and poor class families are sharing their testimonies of improved standard of living in an economy classified as ‘weak’.
  3. Boasting Agriculture: The Agricultural sector has received a boast, home grown food was sourced locally. Farmers are selling their products and receiving commensurate compensation. Experts said, continued patronizing locally produced foods will encourage large scale farming among the populace. Thereby boasting the GDP and diversifying the economy.
  4. The Spirit of Patriotism Awaken: Beneficiaries now express love for their country more than ever before. A sense of national unity and patriotism is pouring out.  Since the youths are pillars for nation building, the impact of the National Social Investment Programme has lighten national pride.
  5. Lower Crimes Rate: The Scheme to some certain extent had reduced youth’s restiveness and crimes rate in general, thus enhancing national security. Kidnapping, Money Ritualist, Theft, Yahoo Yahoo, had reduced.  Though the country is battling with security challenges.
  6. Improved Living Standard: The programme has succeeded in Lifting many out of strict poverty, the standard of living of beneficiaries have improved on an average.


  1. My sincere thanks to the presidential seats of Nigeria! I love you for all your good and loving effort on this N power programme. Am one of the beneficiaries since 2016 to 2018.
    President sir, I plead you make this program permanent for we your children batch A. So that we don’t go back to the street. I sincerely thank you once more sir!

  2. Good day sir Mr President.
    We love your intentions in creating social investment program (NSIP). God bless you sir.
    But sir please and try as much as possible that your good work is not jeopardize by the enemies of progress who are closer to you through their non-challant attitude and diversion of the original intention. People like the new minister of humanitarian affairs. A very heartless, wicked and tormentor who has come to afflict the graduates and the helpless in time of lockdown and trying like this.
    All these are capable of spoiling your good work sir.She is a virus in your administration which much be removed before it’s too late.
    Since last year she has chosen to punish us by delaying our stipend for some days, a month,2months,there’s records for all these delay.
    Imagine, this lockdown, the festive season and other inconveniences by covid-19 and we are yet unpaid.
    Remember, we have family members to take care of from this stipend.For example 3 or 4 family members by 500,000. So she suffer about 2millions Nigerians with her non-challant attitude.
    This is not fair sir!
    Please safe our souls!! it has become her habit.
    We plead for her removal and fix another better person.


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