Rashidi Yekini’s lawyer Jibril Mohammed Olanrewaju claims he was murdered

Rashidi Yekini’s lawyer Jibril Mohammed Olanrewaju claims he was murdered: Jibril Olanrewaju the lawyer to the Nigeria ex-football legend, Rashidi Yekini’s , lay claims of   his client being murdered, he was kidnapped which eventually led to his death

The premature death of the formal super Eagle striker is still terrifying for all lovers of Football nationwide. The football legend was living confortable in his mansion after retiring from his professional career before his death

A handful of his family live in Irra, kwara state, believe that ”Rashidi Yekini had sanity problem which made him to burn money and his properties at will, unchallenged

 Jibril Olanrewaju, ‘Rashidi Yekini’s lawyer specified that his former Boss was not insane stressing that his mom and other relatives ganged up to abducted him”.


The late super Eagle striker had just two children Yemisi and Yemi, the only seed of the ex-striker

“Jibril also challenged the Kwara state government to fulfill the promise they made years ago on immortalizing Yekini by renaming the Kwara state stadium after him.”- , Legit.ng alleged

“Yekini consistently told his mother that there was nothing wrong with him, but the woman chose to do what she wanted with two of the deceased’s younger ones who are both dead now also

Before they eventually succeeded in abducting Rashidi Yekini, they had tried three times in which my client called me immediately and I took police there to save him.”

source: https://www.legit.ng/1326581-rashidi-yekinis-lawyer-jibril-mohammed-olanrewaju-claims-murdered.html



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