Flamboyant Lifestyle : Mike Tyson’s Son Brandishes His Private Jet, Mansion & Cars

In his time, Mike Tyson was One of the most dreaded and respected boxer in recorded history as boxing competition is concerned 

Mike Tyson’s son Amir, a close resemblance of his father flaunts with exotic Cars, Jet, and Mansion.

He is one of the favorites among the four children of his father; Amir Tyson is a son born with a “silver spoon of gold”- Instagram users

On online source describes Amir Tyson as one of the richest celebrity kids in the United States of America.  He enjoys company with renowned celebrities who are known to be extravagant in spending.

Mike Tyson’s Son Brandishes His Private Jet, Mansion & Cars

The 19 years old Amir recently flaunts with his latest SUV Benz of over $40,000, he also posed with  his private Jet- the one they called “Comfort on Earth”


In his latest instagram photos, Amir was captured in one of his mansion in Maryland. The building itself is an apartment attributed to what celebrities called “Heaven on Earth”.  

Being so handsome and sexy, he is loved by many, as proved by over 180,000 followers in instagram. Amir is handsome and he has been showing off his wealth on social media lately

His activities on social media is more of lavish lifestyle. He is seen to be handsomely rich but his net worth is yet to be exposed to the public

Aged American boxer, Mike Tyson, was one of the most respected and feared boxer during his time and in recorded history. Not only was he a hardest hitter in the game of Boxing, he was one of the richest boxers during his time as he was earning more than $2million as a purse for a fight.

But his son Amir acquired lots of properties including mansions and cars and was living lavishly- A lifestyle some social media critics considered as wasteful and worthless.



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