Npower Permanency in jeopardy: 8 Realities Volunteers Must Know

Economy Slide into recession

Npower Permanency in jeopardy: 8 Realities Volunteers Must Know: Project permanency might be in jeopardy as the economy suffered horrific losses, the covid-19 pandemic has put the Nigerian mono-economy in a sham-bull state

Government had expressed fears this might worsen, the situation may even go south if pandemic worsen. As we speak, the price of oil in the international market is nothing to write home about

The 2020 national budget is based on an oil bench mark of $65/b, which now sells for less than $11/b. A sad reality with a resultant effect of budget slashed

As we speak, 84 Million Barrels of Nigerian Crude Oil Unsold Stranded At Sea, no buyer. The last allocation shared by both the state and Fg is the poorest in the last 6 years

If this trend continues, states will go home with Zero allocation by June, the Chairman, Revenue Allocation committee disclosed


The covid-19 pandemic is gaining the ground all over the world, and Nigeria is no exception.

Npower volunteers may be affected by the pandemic; money to finance the programme to the next level might not come as usual. Fear grows deeply in the heart of volunteers but some pretend not to be worried

Npower Permanency in jeopardy: 8 Realities Volunteers Must Know

Npower project Permanency might just be a pipe dream, FG is broke, Ministries are merging up, costs are been reduced

  • There is no way FG can absorbed even 30,000 persons into any of the MDA, not possibly, Afolabi even confessed it  
  • Reality now steers at npower volunteers like never before,  the Federal Government is finding it extremely hard to pay the 500,000 volunteers, but does so in secrecy not to be sham-bull by opposition
  • Even main stream workers are not paid on time, how much volunteers of a political programme not backed by law?
  • In no distance TIME, FG will surprise Batch A Volunteers, who have overstayed their welcome  with an emergency exit
  • There might be no recruitment of new volunteers this year, till the economy bounces back, which might be next year
  • The FG is broke, you don’t need a prophet to tell you, the world economy is heading south (recession), Nigeria will be worst affected
  • Volunteers (batch A) should get ready, anything can happen, your stay is but limited to just a month, FG did a lot for you guys
  • FG plans to retrecnh workers,


  1. You have a bias mind , or should I call it jealousy or envious mind!!!
    Your write-up is filled with alot of negativities.
    FG is not broke!!!!!
    The country is extremely Rich.


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