Psychometric Test will Help the Government to know where to place volunteers- Unogwu Oche.

Psychometric Test will Help the Government to know where to place volunteers: “Batch A and B should be thanking the current government of President Muhammadu Buhari/Professor Osibanjo because they are about to be moved to the next level of the programme!

If you remembered, the transition icon had a lot of packages. And beneficiaries were asked to select one or two packages.

The government will apply the knowledge of the survey to settle both batch A and B respectively.

The minister posted on Facebook and Twitter yesterday concerning the transition of both batches.

The government cannot send volunteers to the labour market just like that after many years of training. The government is not foolish the way many of you thought they are.

Psychometric Test will Help the Government to know where to place volunteers

The government knows the implications of sending volunteers to the street without proper settlement.

Apart from the fact that it would amount to counter-productive, it may also be a clear call to criminalities and other social vices in the country.


I hope this write-up may help many volunteers to calm down and stop the unnecessary high blood pressure been exhibited right now.

The government meant good for beneficiaries. And the exit is really for good and not for bad.

The government is planning to engage volunteers for assessment test known as psychometric assessment test.

The test when conducted will enable the government to know where to properly placed volunteers. There is no need to panic over this! Majority would scale through by the grace of God.


All arrangements have been concluded to kick start everything. And I repeat, it is for your own good. I mean disengagement of both batches. I learnt that one of our colleagues committed suicide in Ibandan.

For God sake, there is no need for that at all. I know that person did not understand the press statement very well.

The government has finally work out our exit packages. You will see it in the coming days. I assured all beneficiaries that our God cannot be mocked.

Our prayers of many years can never be wasted! Your prayers have been answered already. No one is going back to the unemployment market because God has done it for you.”


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