Okonjo-Iweala Emerges World Trade Organisation’s Director General

The Best woman for the Job. The first woman/African to hold WTOs top job.

Truly, a prophet is without respect in his/her house.

Has anyone observed Okonjo Iweala’s native dressing even when on international function? Always unique and different irrespective of her widest exposure.

Always identifies and showcases our native mode of dressing which most of our women are abandoning for foreign mode of dressing like wearing of trouser and mini skirt.

Her dressing alone speaks volumes, showing she is really a mother with sound native home training.

This woman has refused to submit to foreign influences to the detriment of our culture just as the western women would never drop their culture for ours. Ngozi u are a real role model. You are a blessing. No wonder you won. God is ur strength.

Source: https://www.arise.tv/breaking-okonjo-iweala-emerges-wto-dg/amp/?



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