Israel Destroys 13-Storey Building in Gaza (Photos, Video)

Israel Destroys 13-Storey Building in Gaza (Photos, Video): The conflict between Israel and Palestinian have taken a new dimension as fight intensified Tuesday night

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More than 470 missiles were fired to Israel from gaza aiming civilians, thanks to technology that neutralizes the missiles yesterday night.  


“A 13-storey residential tower in the Gaza Strip was hit by an Israeli air strike on Tuesday night and soon after collapsed, witnesses said, amid a surge in fighting between Israel and Gaza militants”

“The tower houses an office that is used by the political leadership of Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas”

“Residents of the tower and people living nearby had been warned to evacuate the area around an hour before the airstrike, according to witnesses. It was not immediately clear if the building had been fully evacuated, or if there were casualties”




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