Benue COVID-19 Palliatives Sold In Kano Markets (VIdeo)

Benue COVID-19 Palliatives Sold In Kano Markets (Video): “This is a direct call the Gov Ortom to Wake up from slumber before evil men rubbish him and his Government, its a disgrace that Benue is selling off her COVID 19 Palliatives.

This Palliative must be returned in full and shared to the needy and those who truly needs them”

Corruption in this country has really eaten deep, government officials are not the ones selling it in the market, both the buyers, sellers and consumers are guilty of corruption

“The action committee on COVID-19 decided to distribute palliative to market traders who were also affected from not being able to open their shops.

“The market association wasinvited and the palliatives were shared. However, we heard that chairman of the market, Yusuf, collected the palliative on behalf of the traders and instead of distributing to traders, he felt they should sell them and that is how the palliative got to Kano.

“The matter is being investigated and the chairman has been arrested,”



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