Npower Project Permanency: Send Direct Message to your Senator and Rep

Npower Project Permanency:Hopes seem to be gaining the ground allover as we speak, our plea for permanency can only but come from our amiable and distinguish Senators and members of House of Representatives

We all can connect to those who represent us in government, and other positions of authority in our mother land. The quest of permanency cannot be achieved by prayer alone but by action and courage

In this article, we will show you all our Senators and Reps contacts, how to draw their attention in regard to our plea for mercy (Permanency)

Many of our leaders need to know our plight as volunteers, relieving us of our duty, is like setting fire on the keg of a gun powder,  not only will crime worsen but the national security of our dear country may be at risk.

Npower Project Permanency: Send Direct Message to your Senator and Rep

There are speculations going on, in no distant time, Batch A will soon be exited within the year, with a GEEP loan many are not willing to accept. If that happened, it might give rise to waves of crime, the present volunteers will not be happy.

One of the biggest achievements of this current administration is the N-power Programme, a programme that has and still empowering thousands of persons, thus putting smiles not just to families but to the  nation at large.

To this end, we will like all volunteers, from all categories of the N-power programme to call on their senators and reps member representing them, both at the red and green chambers


Send Direct Message to your Senators and Reps sing the Link Below

Find the Phone Numbers Senators and Reps Here

Below are the lists of all the Senators and Reps member representing all the 774 LGA including the FCT and the six (6) Geopolitical Zones. See also


As a matter of urgency and pro-activeness, it is paramount to reach out to all our reps, pre-informing them on the situation of things. You may also them or leaving a voice massage to their various numbers

While some of our reps and senators may not be reached directly, their Personal Assistance (PA) is there to convey the message to them.


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