Coronavirus: Buhari’s daughter on self-isolation after return from UK

Coronavirus: The First Lady Federal Republic of Nigeria Aisha Buhari, has disclosed that one of her immediate daughters is on self-isolation; primarily as a preventative measure for the dreaded coronavirus after returning to the country from UK on Thursday.

Coronavirus: Buhari’s daughter on self-isolation after return from UK

The First Lady did not tell or disclose the name of the isolated daughter, out of fear of public stigmatization. Nevertheless, she said that the daughter was isolated not because she showed any symptoms.

While advising Nigerians to be vigilant of the Covid-19 virus, Aisha Buhari said the situation in the country is under control, as the government is doing all it could to make Nigeria free from the dreaded virus

The first lady talked about self-hygiene and social distancing, regular washing of hands and seeking medical treatment early enough


Npower (N-teach): FG ordered closure of tertiary, secondary & primary schools

Following 12 confirmed cases of the dreaded corona virus pandemic, the Federal Government of Nigeria has ordered the immediate and total closure of all schools in the country.

The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Education has ordered the immediate closure of tertiary institutions, secondary and primary schools nationwide over the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country and as part of measures to contain the spread.

Those npower beneficiaries in secondary and primary schools nationwide will stay at home henceforth; the government has not given the number of days this will last

But all Npower beneficiaries mostly the N-teach will stay clear of all school activities to further contain the spread of the deadly corona virus.

The n-teach category of the npower programme will no longer be in class even as schools are yet to write their second term examination.  

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mr Sonny Echono, confirmed this to The PUNCH in Abuja on Thursday.


It is worthy to mention that, the corona virus has been declared a pandemic by the world Health organization, making it a global health concern, with Europe (Italy) as a hardest hit so far

This means that, schools will no longer open their doors to students as a very effective way to contain the coronavirus (covid-19). see

All schools in the country will close indefinitely pending when situation becomes normal, the Federal Government is pleading with everybody to corporate in making this policy and containment a success  

Private tertiary institutions, secondary and primary schools nationwide are expected to follow suit as the government cannot do it alone,  all schools both private and public must shut down immediately

More than 10,000 person have died so far and the number is still rising by the day, iran is the worst hit in the middle east,

In a related Development, Anti-Malaria Drug-Chloroquine, Approved as compassionate Coronavirus Treatment

The American Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, drugs used to treat malaria and severe arthritis, as a compassionate Coronavirus Treatment

In a press briefing on Thursday, United State president, Donald Trump disclosed the success using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as a compassionate treatment for  Coronavirus

At the moment, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are undergoing clinical trial by the Food and Drug Administration to ascertain the efficacy and potency of this claim. Trump also said that other antiviral medications will be fast-tracked for FDA approval.

In his correct and precise word, Trump added that the FDA approved “compassionate use” for a number of patients, which allows very ill patients to use drugs not yet approved by the agency for widespread use.


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