Npower Loan Application: A cyclist/Some Imo State Prison Breakers are Npower Volunteers-Gobir Cries Out

Npower Loan Application: A cyclist/Some Imo State Prison Breakers are Npower Volunteers-Gobir Cries Out: The Npower National President, Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir disclosed that some persons who are involved in the Imo State Prison break were Npower disengaged volunteers, according to him, Npwer ID cards were found in the possession of those hoodlums arrested

Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir also said, A motorcyclist theft was found to be an Nopwer disengaged volunteer. In a plea to Fastract the CBN loan disbursement plan, Comrd Bashir Usman Gobir calls for patience and understanding from all volunteers

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Here is his Unrefined and words

“Peace be upon you. Good morning people (good morning)

For sure Honorable. Minister you have the opportunity to do whatever you want in your ministry because you are the leader.

I Comrd Bashir Usman Gobir I don’t oppose Hon. Minister, if what I am doing is not good for you, sorry, (Hon. Minister))


Most of the npower volunteers don’t believe me they call me your child because of how I post about you and my profile update but since the day I realized they are in someone else’s doing, a bad situation after stopping them from doing the time Wrong, after your ministry felt sorry to reduce poverty and fatigue but even if it was 10,000 Naira you didn’t think of supporting them and visiting other states to give support but you ignored the issue of 500,000. People.

36 states including Abuja I don’t get a call on Npower problem, if I lie that I have received more than 80 or 74, missed call 22 a day what profit do I have after me I know the position of lying in Islam. Ok but anyone who opposes this should call and see, at least one has to do two days before he calls him to go because of the call of the people:

Check out these to hear the amounts they get in the day.

1. Lincoln Micheal Admin of NPVN INFO (NATIONWIDE) the number of calls for today.

2. Admin N-power Lagos

3. Admin of N-power Yobe State 3. n

4. Yakubu Abubakar and others.

Honourable Honorable. Minister I am connecting with the greatness of God to check the mercy and mercy of the people 500,000 npowered check and fast approaching give these Nexit Package, if there is too much work then start with those that started to fill.

Honourable Honorable. Minister sympathize with 500,000 people npowered, some of them married have family to many, help them get investments to depend on themselves.

Oh God, in a state, a motorcycle thief was arrested even though he was investigated and found with Npower ID card.

The attack on Imo State Prison has been found among those who attacked Npower, these problems are many, they should be solved through their resolution.

People, be a witness Hon. Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq if I offend you who will be judged tomorrow (Day of Judgement) please forgive me for any post I have done about you here and here I ask you to share it with me if it is until then I went to your office you will forgive me I will go, I swear I didn’t do that because of any threat or fear of meeting with God on the day of judgment, people witness this world and witness it. My biggest wish is for the minister to pay these servants of God, even if they will be focused on the situation and the situation they are in, I will meet my God, I will not be guilty of Non. The minister on my head.

Of course Comrd Bashir Usman Gobir and those who help him in this struggle don’t wear and don’t stop except what God wants.

For the sake of God Hon. Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq please Sallami Exited Npower Beneficiaries 500,000

Honourable Honorable. Minister help the month of fasting is near so that they can get better about the situation they are in.

Finally we call on any Exited npower that is patient and take this matter easy, may God bring him a solution, and leave what he is complaining and return to what he doesn’t control Alhadith……

And whoever has five months backlogs for 05 months, wishes him the best, he will be paid just like S. A. ta Hon. The minister is out.

So anyone who isn’t full should try and fill but go to Cafe or investigate those who are full, or send S. At my Honourable. Minister Nneka Ikem (@nnekaikem 1) | twitter. 1.

For anyone who can’t fill it.

Finally, I pray to God to destine everyone to hear an alert before the month of Ramadan, even in the midst of prayer. Amen. Whoever I wronged forgive me I forgive whoever did wrong to me. Oh God forgive us our sins those we know and those we don’t know amen”

Comrd Bashir Usman Gobir



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