Npower Batch A, B, & C: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Video)

Npower Batch A, B, & C: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Video): Here are all the frequently asked questions and answers on Npower Batch Online test and the Nexit CBN Loan programme

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Npower Batch Online test

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for N-power Batch C candidates

N-Exit Application 2021: 10 Top Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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N-Exit Application 2021: 10 Top Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: The federal government of Nigeria has opened the N-Exit portal to register former N-Power volunteers for the N-Exit package.


The federal government opened the portal exclusively for former N-Power volunteers which will be used to apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) empowerment program.

A lot of N-Exit applicants have been asking a lot of questions about N-Exit package.

Here are some of these questions and their answers:

Questions and Answers


When Will Transition Start?

In response to the above question transition has already started in order to massively register applicants in order to provide the loans to the former N-power volunteers.

When Will N-Exit Portal Close?

The N-Exit portal will has no specific date for closure as the registration may span throughout 2021.

Why Is N-Exit Portal Not Accepting Yahoo mail?

This is a wrong notion as the N-Exit portal is accepting yahoo mail but is done in batches.

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Will loan be given directly by CBN?

As for the loans they will be given by the CBN once registration and all the necessary process have been completed.   

Will all former volunteers have access to these loans?

All former N-power volunteers have access to these loan as it has been made to capture all of them.

Is the N-exit all about loans?

No, the N-exit program is not all about loans. It is also an affiliate program where applicants can create a business idea and have it sponsored by the CBN.

Can 14200 owed volunteers apply for N-Exit?

Yes all N-power volunteers will be able to apply for the N-exit program, meanwhile all former 14200 owed volunteers will soon be paid their five months stipend as promised by the minister.

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How long will the N-Exit program last?

The N-Exit program has no sure date of expiry but it is stated that it will run until 2023.

Who will finance the N-Exit program?

The entire program will be anchored by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

What Kind of Business Ideas will Be Accepted.

The N-Exit program has its own categories of businesses that are accepted and would be funded.


  1. Good morning have been trying to log in to my Yahoo mail on the nexit portal after after it showed me am a beneficiary the password is not opening what should I do.


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