Npower In September: FG Rollout 5 Plans For A/B/C (No 2 is Impressive)

As the month of September comes close, the Federal Government has spearheaded and concluded plans of the Nexit package and deployment regarding the A/B/C

The month of September holds great tidings and hopes for batch A/B/C of the Npower Programme

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The Federal Government, In line with president Buhari’s agenda to lift 100 Million Nigerians (mostly youths) out of Poverty, will be put to test in the Npower program this September


These plans, when rollout effectively will empower more than 2 Million young minds in the country.

Lets Rollout FG 5 Best Plans for Batch A/B/C in September 2021

Physical Verification and Deployment 550,000 Batch C Shorlisted Applicants  

By September, the list containing over 500,000 Batch C stream 1 applicants would have reached the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and all the States Social Investment Offices (SIP) Nationwide,


This will Fastrack Physical Verification and Deployment, 550,000 applicants, to their various Place of Primary Assignments (PPA)

When deployment finally takes over, 500,000 youths will be officially placed on 30,000 monthly stipends for a year

This will go a long way in reducing crimes, and restiveness among young minds in Nigeria- Africa’s Largest Economy

More On Nexit CBN Loan Package To Be Heard

The long-awaited Loan from Central Bank regarding the Nexit programme will have a full effect this September, interesting press statements will be released as the month comes near

Batch A and B volunteers would be instructed on the next level of the programme, which has been planned by the presidency long ago

According to the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo:

30,000 Npower Volunteers are already engaged as Enumerators in the FMARDSPCE programme. Read More

200,000 disengaged volunteers will go for SANEF as Agent. Read More

Others will have the option of a loan. Read More

5 Months Owed Volunteers To Be Remembered

Remember how over 14, 200 disengaged volunteers were flagged off by GIFMIS last year? The good news is that they have not been forgotten

Those who submitted their bank’s statements and other credentials for verification and authentication will surely be paid

Payment will be made when batch C is incorporated into the FG payment Platform, either GIFMIS or FGN-EPAY system

All focal point officers are aware of this, to be on the safe side, the affected volunteers should read this-Read more

Npower Nexit Portal for Unregistered Volunteers Will officially Close

The new secured portal recently opened for unregistered volunteers will be officially shut as the month of September ends.

Unregistered volunteers are to take this last opportunity given them and register for the Nexit CBN loan programme

According to the spoke person of the Humanitarian Minister, Ngozi Nkem, any volunteer who fails to show his/her interest in the loan programme by registering on the Nexit platform, would themselves be to blame. So make hay, while the sun still shines  

Npower Batch C Stream 2 on the Pipe

Stream 2 should be at alert, as soon as stream 1 is deployed and verified, preparations, shortlisting and onboarding will be done to stream 2

Myeduproject don’t know precisely when stream 2 will commence, what we do know is that stream 2 will start in 2022



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