NExit Email Issues: Continue To Send Mail/ No Closing Date Yet-Team Support

Affected Volunteers Should Be Calm-No Cause for Alarm

No Closing Date for Now

Continue to Send Us Mail

NExit Email Issues: Continue To Send Mail/ No Closing Date Yet-Team Support: The Nexit Support representative said, they are finally fixing and correcting all email and login related problems in the ongoing Nexit CBN loan registration programme, as the support team has acquired an improved technical “Know-how”

All nexit volunteers yet to upload their information are to be calmed and be rest assured, the new support team will handle all emails related issues and activation/verification problems within the first two weeks of the month of April

The Support team also said, there should not be any panic or alarm regarding deadline for registration. No date to end registration for now

The NExit ongoing registration has no date of closure yet, but there are signs, things will go North, any moment from now. There are still a handful of cases with volunteers yet to register. No date to close the Nexit portal


“Many volunteers have not been able to complete their applications. Some beneficiaries’ email addresses were rejected as non-beneficiary emails. Others have created accounts but have not been able to activate their accounts and submit their records as account verification mail has not been sent to them especially those using yahoo mail”

Volunteers having login and email related challenges and issues are advised to send their information to with immediate effect and wait for response as registration is still ongoing-NSIP

[email protected]    or  [email protected]  or   [email protected]


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