Npower Programme: Businesses Volunteers Can Do With 500k Credit Loan

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Npower Programme: Businesses Volunteers Can Do With 500k Credit Loan: The Buhari led government has continued to massively support Businesses in all ramification, the Federal Government has serious of programs dishing out MSMEs loans to Businesses 

The same Government is massively registering and capturing Exited Npower volunteers for various loan programs

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“A Portal that will enable Exited N-Power Beneficiaries to apply for Central Bank of Nigeria Empowerment Options has been launched by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development”

“The platform which was developed in collaboration with the CBN will enable Exited N-Power Beneficiaries to log on and apply for the various Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship options provided by the CBN”

“The NEXIT portal is to determine the suitability of the beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs and is dependent on meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN for the said programs”

“The Minister also emphasized that the NEXIT PORTAL will determine the suitability of the beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs”


Disbursement of the said loan is a stone throw distance from now as more than 80% of Exited volunteers have registered and updated their profile 

While there is no specified amount to be disbursed to each Nexit volunteers, all the loan program anchored by the CBN on behalf of the FG ranges from 500,000 naira to 2Million Naira 

The Survival Fund program, the National Youth Investment Fund, the GEEP loan, etc, beneficiaries receive between 500,000 naira to 2Million Naira and even more  

However, there are some businesses beneficiaries can do with less than 2million naria, when the loan is finally disbursed 

Barbin Saloon

With less than 2million naira, a Nexit volunteer can successfully establish and own a middle calls state-of-the-art barbing saloon

A barber on average makes 150,000 to 200,000 or more per month after deducting expenses. A lucrative skill that will leave one with no Boss, but a self contain and satisfying time to operate 

Home-Based Food Business

With less than 2million naira, both male and female volunteers can put up a small kor or set up a small home-based restaurant, where passabye and people that work near can easily walk and eat something 

The days of big restaurants are washing away, small or home-based food vendors are making huge cash, maintaining a sizeable part of the market share for food in Nigeria (nairametrics)

If well planned and carried out, volunteers can make more than 300,000 as profit after tax monthly, this is because everyone eats food, not ones, not twice but three to four times daily

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Tea or Coffee Salon

More popular in the northern part of Nigeria, volunteers given a loan of 500,000 naira, can establish this and make huge returns daily 

Many people don’t wait to break the fast in their houses these days, the rush to be at work or event make many hungry for Tea or Coffee saloons 

It takes little or no experience to establish, a volunteer can leverage this, pinpoint a strategic location, and hit the ground running 

Degital/Online Marketing 

The Covid-19 pandemic has thought the world lessons, many businesses are now going online, and one lucrative business is the Digital Marketing 

In Digital Marketing, a volunteer can create his/her product and sell, or promote a brand from other products

There are many online marketing businesses Npower volunteers can do, an example is Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc

A volunteer needs a Laptop, an Internet connection, and few other things to start

Online Publishing 

This is another mindblowing and self-development skill a volunteer can key into with his CBN loan cash

Publishing online involves Freelance Writers, Content Developers, Editors, and many more 

This can be down by either owing a website and monetizing it, or rendering paid services for companies or social media owners 

Instead of wasting that precious time doing nothing, many are cashing out millions with this. It requires little capital and skill to start

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Agency Services (Real Estate Agent)

A licensed real estate agent doesn’t need much experience to start his business, only dedication can make the difference here, 

Most real estate agents now go online in whooing customers, this is paying off hugely. Imagine you helping properties owners sell their properties and giving a huge percentage for it

This is one of the easiest way to be a million, but many don’t know

To be continued